Snair Slams Opponent on Term Limits

Steve Snair, Town Supervisor Candidate
Steve Snair, Town Supervisor Candidate

Supervisor candidate Steve Snair says Creighton cannot be taken at his word

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SMITHTOWN, NY – Steve Snair, the Democratic, Independence, and Working Families candidate for Smithtown town supervisor, today challenged his opponent’s support for a resolution to impose term limits on the town’s elected officials. 

“My opponent today announced his support for a resolution to impose 12-year term limits on Smithtown’s elected officials. Although I am in favor of term limits, it’s become clear that Councilman Creighton is simply using this measure as a political stunt in an election year. Mr. Creighton has served on the Town Council for nearly 6 years, why has he waited until 3-weeks before a primary to raise this issue? It’s a phony act on his part,” said Snair. 

This isn’t the first time Councilman Creighton has discussed the issue of term limits. Back in 2007, when Mr. Creighton first ran for Town Council, he said if elected it would be his first and last term. However, he broke his pledge and ran for another 4-year term in 2011 and is currently seeking higher office in the middle of his second term.

“Councilman Creighton cannot be taken at his word,” added Snair. “He has lied to the voters in the past regarding this issue and until I see term limits implemented, I don’t trust him and the voters of Smithtown shouldn’t either.”

Steve Snair is an attorney who operates a private law practice based in the Town of Smithtown. The lifelong resident of Smithtown announced his candidacy for supervisor in April of this year, running on a platform of revitalizing the town through updated planning, job creation and economic development, which will grow the tax base and relieve the burden off middle class taxpayers.


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