10 Places to Find Gift Wrap

A list of 10 places to find gift wrap this holiday season in the local Commack, Northport, Huntington and Hauppauge area.


1.  : You'll find festive roll wrap, gift bags to make all the gifts under the tree stand out.  Regular and reversible rolls are $3.99 or two for $5.99.  You can also design your own gift with adhesive trims and sticky ribbons.  There is a wide selection of holiday themed wrappings and little extras to make your gift look its best.

2.  : There are sections of gift wrap, cards and other gifts here.  You'll find holiday themed wrapping paper for children and adults.  At affordable prices, your needs will be gladly accommodated.

3.  : For Christmas wrapping paper and holiday trimmings, you'll find what you need at the price of $1.00 or less here.  For an affordable price, get all the wrapping paper you need for all the gifts you're giving this year.

4.  K-Mart: One of the bigger stores on this list, K-Mart has a great selection of gift wrap for your gifts this season.  Fully stocked with the tape, cutters and organizers for your gift wrap, you'll find everything you need in one place.  Gift wrap and holiday trimmings are sold in the garden department.

5.  : Find a very large selection of holiday gift wrap and accessories here.  Going for $4.00 and $6.00, you'll find gift wrap with snow flakes, holiday icons like Santa Claus, reindeer and Christmas trees.

6. : Wrapping paper features designs with Dora the Explorer, Sesame Steeet, Batman, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars and SpongeBob Squarepants.  Prices range from $2.00 to $3.00.

7.  For on-the-go shopping, swing by North Gate Stationery for gift wrapping paper, gift bags, holiday collectables and much more.  Everyday, cards are 50 percent off. 

8.  Books always make a wonderful gift for the holidays, so while you're at Barnes and Noble, you can get your gift wrapped for free, in the East Northport location.  There is a gift wrapping table right next to the entrance, so while you're on your way out, pick from a selection of wrapping paper at no extra cost.

9. : Books can also be found at Borders, with gift wrap and cards available throughout the store as well. A CD and DVD collection can also help you wrap up your holiday shopping. 

10. : For Jewish holiday wrapping, look no further than Chai & Mazel.  You'll find books, kipas, Mezuzahs, wrapping paper, gift bags and much more.  Come make your gift look it's best this holiday season.


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