#70- Move Your Feet At Commack's Jazzercise

Get in shape and have fun doing it.

Summer is winding down, which means the bathing suit goes in a drawer for nine months. But while your friends and family are putting in a few extra pounds before the cold weather hits Commack, you can get a head start on next year's beach body.

How? Take the dance and energy of Zumba, the nonstop sweating of hot yoga, and the muscle toning of Pilates, put them all together, and you've got jazzercise.

Commack's , located at 2183 Jericho Turnpike at the , takes the benefits all these different types of exercise provide and jams them into one-hour classes.

The Jazzercise website pegs the number of calories you'll burn in an hour at 600, and what may be even more appealing is how you'll burn them: on your feet, dancing your buns off, with umpteen other Commack jazzercisers.

Classes run seven days per week, often multiple times per day, so if you're interested in making Jazzercise part of your daily routine, there should be a class that fits your schedule. (A full class schedule is available at the Jazzercise website.) Pricing varies depending on your level of commitment; sign up for a year and you can go to a class every day for the equivalent of less than $2.

Afraid of your first Jazzercise class? Take a look at videos of the moves you'll be sweating to ahead of time. And of course, instructors are more than willing to help.

Category: Health & Wellness
Price: $-$$
Season: Year-round
Note: Be sure to stretch before exercise

Stay tuned for #69, and  if you missed #71.


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