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Friends Turn Gabe Philby's Facebook Page into Memorial

Late Commack HIgh School graduate's Facebook page flooded with messages as news of his death reaches Long Island residents.


Commack residents have taken to Facebook to express their goodbyes and memories of their former classmate Gabriel Philby-Zetsche. 

Gabriel Philby-Zetsche, a 2009 Commack High School graduate, He was 22. 

As news has reached Commack residents, many of them have taken to posting on Gabe Philby's Facebook page as an Internet memorial.

Here's a look at what Philby-Zetsche's friends and former classmates had to say about his passing:


"I have to thank you. For more than you can even imagine. A true best friend is everything you've ever gave to me, nothing short. It would be an injustice to you to say you were my best friend, you were much more than that. An absolute inspiration and true friend with endless LOVE shown nonstop with out fail. 

You adopted everything and everyone I cared for as if they were your own. Approached everyone with an eager smile and an open heart. No question you brought out the best in me. Physically limited, but emotionally gifted. We have laughed, cried, played, fought and cared for as long as I can remember. 

You are an amazing person and I hate to see you leave. Thank you Gabe Philby. Rest in PEACE," wrote Vinny Galiano, also posting a photogallery of Gabe. 


"Gabe, I miss you already when I found out the news I was in shock, I was hoping it was all a dream. You will be missed by the Capanzano family very much... I will never forget all our memories together, you were like family to us. Rest in peace Gabe," posted Courtney Capanzano. 


"RIP Gabe Philby... I cant believe that your gone, we were just talking about the Olympics about a week ago. i remember like it's yesterday when you, my brother, and i would all play together when we were kids. you'll never be forgotten my friend," wrote Michael Schliemann. 


"Rest easy man you allways put smiles on the faces of those around you. I know your still smiling I'm gunna miss it. Love forever bro," posted Sean Albinski. 


"Gabe, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for me and the people I love. You are the friend that everyone wished they had because no one was truer than you.

Your love was like a flame that never burnt out, it was infinite. You touched upon so many lives in several ways, the ways no one else could. You always had a glow about you that made everyone happy to see you.

Just like Vin said you were absolutely an inspiration...to everyone! I don't think anyone could ever forget you because you were so genuinely nice to everyone. I will never forget the times we shared, especially the movies and dinner night...and most importantly when you visited me at work gave me the rose and said goodbye.

It wasn't as sad as we thought because we knew we would keep in touch all the time, just like we did. I'm going to miss that. I will miss you. I love you brother, best friend, & everything else we called each other<33333 Rest In Peace Gabe Philby," wrote Stephanie Heyman. 


"RIP Gabe, you're a great friend, and I enjoyed talking and getting to know you over the years. It was always great talking about the Yankees with you, and being on the bowling team with you back in tenth grade. You're an amazing person, and you will not be forgotten," posted former classmate Charlie Wojcik. 

Did you know Gabriel Philby-Zetsche? Share your memories of him and times in Commack with Patch by emailing editor Sara Walsh at sara-megan.walsh@patch.com. 

P. J. Miller August 10, 2012 at 02:14 PM
No. I live on Long Island.
Alia Atreides August 14, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Very sad.. however it would seem that the mother wouldn't be arrested without fairly strong evidence.
Alia Atreides August 14, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Hiding things certainly does point to culpability.
Jeffssis August 21, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Why in the world would a mother who's son has been killed NOT SAY WHAT SHE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!! What you said makes no sense.
P. J. Miller August 21, 2012 at 09:50 PM
In one of the articles I read from a newspaper in that area - it said that she said something to the sheriff that incriminated her and by that statement alone he knew she did it. They didn't say what she said to him but it had to be pretty powerful if he said it. No doubt she was under stress from not having money to pay her rent, but to stab someone 20 times and bludgeon them with a hammer 10 times? That is rage.


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