Lights Back On In Commack

Expectations were met Saturday as customers were powered up by Saturday night.

All but a handful of residents had their electricity restored by Saturday night, after a blizzard walloped the area with 29.1 inches of snow, leaving more than 100 customers without power that morning.

The timely restoration fulfilled expectations set forth by National Grid President John Bruckner, who said Friday thatpower would likely be restored within 24 hours of an outage.

Bruckner said the company had 700 high-voltage lineman and 250 tree-trimmers ready to act after the storm. In addition, National Grid upped the number of call-center personnel to communication during and after the storm.

National Grid fully restocked its supplies of power lines, transformers and wires so that workers did not have to wait for shipments to come in, like they did during Superstorm Sandy, he said.

Before the storm, National Grid officials predicted Long Island would see about 100,000 outages. The total outages were about 10,000.

The Long Island Power Authority put National Grid in charge of the storm response in the days leading up to Blizzard Nemo. The move was a recommendation  by the Moreland Commission, which was appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo after LIPA, Con Edison and other utilities struggled to turn the lights back on after Sandy.

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chefcristo February 10, 2013 at 11:39 AM
to those residents who had their power restored: GLAD you did, but, in effect, you got what you paid for. as for national grid, they did what they were paid and expected to do. special praise is unnecessary.
Gigi February 10, 2013 at 01:11 PM
Our power was out for 22 hours. The call center people at LIPA/Nat Grid were very snotty. The linespeople were nice though and restored power ahead of the predicted time given by LIPA/Nat Grid. I was told by the call center people that it is the fault of all Long Islanders when they lose power because they're the ones who don't maintain their trees near power lines and that LIPA has nothing to do with power outages. I found out from the linesman that our power ultimately was out because a LIPA pole and wires fell down. I so wish I knew that piece of info when I spoke to the LIPA rep who was blaming my neighbors and I for the power outage. GRRRRR
pbug56 February 11, 2013 at 04:14 AM
Maybe LIPA can use some of the new, presumably pre-rotted poles to replace some still rotted out, bent and ready to snap poles still in service. One pole where we live with a 5000 volt transformer on has a substantial list caused by other poles that went down in Sandy. Hmm, and maybe they can finally do permanent repairs to replace the temporary repairs from Irene...


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