PHOTOS: The Mayflower II Sailing Off Long Island

Replica ship captured by local photographer.

Local photographer Frank Mercuri spotted this vessel on a ferry trip to New London from Orient Point.

"It was way out entering the area northeast of Plum Island. I took the shot in high resolution with my 300 mm lens. When I got home I enhanced it and cropped the image to what it is now," said Mercuri.

With a bit of research, Mercuri discovered it was the Mayflower II, a replica of the Mayflower. He is headed back up to New England again this Thanksgiving and says he will probably visit Plymouth again where he took the rest of the photos presented.

King Pedlar November 25, 2011 at 01:07 PM
The Mayflower was the ship that transported the English Separatists, better known as the Pilgrims, from a site near the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth, England, 66 day journey to Cape Cod Bay arriving 21NOV1620. Ship 100 feet long, 180 tons, 135 passengers, 30 crew. Nice photo of Mayflower 2, Frank


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