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Search for Missing Greyhound, Ruby, Goes On

Volunteers who are looking for her are planning another sign/flyer blitz in the Hellertown area this Sunday. Anyone who wants to help should meet at Water Street Park at 10am.

Although an aerial search of the Saucon Valley last weekend did not produce any sightings of Ruby--a greyhound who's been missing in the area for more than two months--the determination of her family and volunteers to find her hasn't waivered.

According to the frequently updated Facebook page "Ruby the Lost Greyhound," the next tactic planned is a costly canine search to be led by a "Lost Pet Professional."

Donations to help fund that search are now being accepted by the nonprofit Brave Tide Foundation, which also helped Ruby's owners--the Hoffman family of Allentown--with the resources that were needed for the Jan. 19 aerial search.

According to its website, the Boyertown-based foundation "is a non-profit charitable organization committed to strategic humanitarian efforts including: rescue and relocation of animals that are abandoned, neglected, or otherwise in need; emergency preparedness and recovery; and financial aid to support educational programs for economically disadvantaged individuals."

Funds donated to the Brave Tide Foundation via its PayPal page and through the mail will go directly to funding a professional ground search team, according to the foundation's website.

Meanwhile, in advance of the ground canine search, local volunteers are planning another sign and flyer blitz this Sunday in the Hellertown area.

Anyone who wants to help with the blitz should meet at Water Street Parkat 10am.

The last confirmed sighting of Ruby was in Lower Saucon Township, near Lehigh University's Goodman Campus, in mid-December.

However, there have been reports of unconfirmed sightings near Hellertown in the intervening weeks, which is why another flyer blitz is needed in the area.

Ruby is white, 10 years old, and weighs about 50 pounds. She has a scar underneath one eye and a cropped tail (she is a former racing dog).

Anyone who spots her is asked not to chase her, as she is shy. Reports of sightings should be called in to 484-788-8580.

She has been missing since Nov. 13, and a reward is being offered for her return.

To help spread the word of Ruby's disappearance, local residents are being asked to like and share the Facebook page that has become a centralized online information hub for the search.

As of Friday, the number of likes the page has so far received had swelled to more than 1,000.

Jen Weinstein January 28, 2013 at 09:01 PM
Just realized I already had a connection to Ruby's family.... This has been an amazing journey... Thank you... What an incredible outpouring of unyielding support from so many small businesses in the Hellertown/Lehigh Valley area. The power of networking for good is working! Please keep sharing Ruby's page!
Ron Hoffman January 28, 2013 at 09:32 PM
colleen, plenty of my tax dollars go to help your precious homeless people. If i want to spend my hard earned money and time to help search for a lost dog, i will.
Megan January 29, 2013 at 02:57 PM
Let's agree to disagree on this one Colleen. I donate to lots of causes and you say you do as well. I'll pick mine and you pick yours. Best wishes and I hope that none of your "cats that you love to pieces" ever go missing, and if they do, I guess it doesn't matter since you won't search for them. I don't understand how you could care so much about your own pets as you say you are and be heartless to what someone else is going through with their pet. Maybe it is different for cat people, but the dog lovers, ESPECIALLY those who have rescued will go to the ends of the Earth for their animals. Also as Ron said, the working class people give plenty of money to the homeless and people without jobs, it's called WELFARE.
Megan January 29, 2013 at 03:01 PM
Best of luck today in the search today Jen. Just remember, MOST of Hellertown is behind you guys all the way! I share Ruby's story daily my page. Hoping and praying for the best!
Lori McKeown January 29, 2013 at 03:54 PM
What the heck do you mean 'wanna be feel good'? If this isnt a feel good story of people coming together to help one another, then, I Guess they don't exist! Your comment is heartless and just plain old mean !!!!


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