Shelter Animal of the Week: Meet Finnegan

Finnegan is a young pit bull mix who loves to have his belly rubbed, and enjoys the company of other dogs and cats.

Finnegan, named for the Irish word that means light-skinned or white, is a 4- or 5-year-old pit bull mix waiting with the for someone to bring him home.

Finnegan's ears were cropped by his prior owner, and he was brought to the shelter after being left tied up outside. Though pit bulls may look tough, Finnegan is a softy who loves to cuddle and have his belly rubbed. He also knows how to sit, and is willing to learn even more commands. If you don't have the time to chase after a puppy, Finnegan is young, yet mellow, and would love to be your couch potato companion.

He would do well with a family with children that are at least ten years of age. He also gets along with other dogs and even cats, making him a great addition to many types of families.

Get to know Finnegan or learn more about ’s many dogs by calling their dog department at 631-757-9373, or emailing them at dogs@laphuntington.org.


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