Some Flanders Residents Devastated By Sandy's Destruction

In other parts of Flanders, recovery begins as the lights come on.

Some Flanders residents saw their homes swept away as Hurricane Sandy devastated the area.

According to Southampton Town officials, at least six homes in Flanders were totaled and condemned.

"It is tragic that some of our friends and neighbors have lost their homes," Brad Bender, president of the Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Civic Association, said Thursday. "Pine Avenue, in the Bayview Pines area, was hard hit. Our thoughts and prayers go out to these families and all families and residents throughout our community and the entire area hard hit by Sandy during this difficult time."

Other Flanders residents were rejoicing after days without power, as the lights came back on Thursday night.

"Power was restored to Flanders at aproximately 9:20 p.m.," resident Wendy Camberlange wrote to Patch. "After 72 hours, LIPA was able to restore power to more than 500 residents living in the Waters Edge and Bay View Pines beach community located in the town of Southampton."

And the restoration of power brought widespread celebration: "Residents devastated by the wrath of Hurricane Sandy celebrated, taking to the streets. Cheering could be heard throughout this beach community as the power returned block by block. Residents expressed their gratitude to the LIPA crews as they passed by on their way to the next community in need of their assistance."


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