Random Acts of Horror

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 659 Old Willets Path Hauppauge NY 11788  See map

Horror/Comedy Plays ATTACK Long Island

[Hauppauge, NY] – Strangio Productions unleashes  an evening of original one-act Horror/Comedy plays upon audiences on Friday, October 12th, 2012.  Random Acts of HORROR features  Playwright/Producer Steve Strangio presenting an evening of satirical  one-act plays the likes of which have never been seen before on Long  Island stages.

This production will be at SoLuna Studio located at 659 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge NY 11788.

This wild night of theater will feature plays with names like Savage  Hot Babe Massacre, Mad Pixie, X-Boyfriend, and My Date with a Zombie:  THE MUSICAL!  Wild satire, full-contact parody, and crazy spoofs will  rule the night!

“This will be a night of stage plays for the adventurous theater  goer.” Said Steve Strangio, Executive Producer of Strangio Productions.   “Random Acts of HORROR will provide audience members with a high-energy  satirical thrill ride that will prove how exciting live theater can  be.”

Steve Strangio, a produced playwright on Long Island and a Resident  Playwright for several New York City production companies, tested out  these plays in NYC and decided that he wanted to break new ground for  Long Island audiences.

“I always want to bring original theater to Long Island audiences,”  said Steve Strangio. “I’ve always felt that providing something new and  exciting will bring people out to local theatres.  This evening of plays  will entertain audiences in ways they never thought possible.  Random  Acts of HORROR isn’t just exploitation and gore.  These productions are  pure satire, battle-tested on the stages in NYC, and ready to explode  onto audiences that want something new and exciting.  I’m working with  an amazing and talented group of young actors willing to put their  bodies on the line for this physically demanding series of plays.  I  even have an enormously talented director straight from England named  Evie Turner. I met her while doing my live video podcast at a company  called MadhouseTV.  She’s bringing her production experience from  London’s West End Theatre District and her many years of performing for  English audiences.  Assisting her is filmmaker Anthony Michael Salerno  with his knowledge of special effects, since there will be lots of blood  and weapons during the Horror/Comedy action scenes”

“We’ll also produce an ongoing reality series about the production of  Random Acts of Horror that can be seen on several shows on MadhouseTV,  especially The Strangio Show and The Evie Turner Show, at www.MadhouseTV.com ,” said Steve Strangio. “Marketing this show on social media,  conventional media, and all forms of promotion will be the key to our  success.  Additional videos will be uploaded to my YouTube channel at www.YouTube.com/SteveStrangio

“One of our goals is to attract a younger demographic to SoLuna  Studio in Hauppauge, NY to experience a stage production like no other,”  said Steve Strangio.   “All ages above 18 years old are invited as  well, so prepare yourselves for a laugh-out loud experience!”

Random Acts of HORROR will be staged at SoLuna Studio in Hauppauge,  NY on October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 with an 8pm start time.  Tickets  are $20 per person.  More info about this production and other  productions from this brand new theatre can be found at www.SoLunaStudioNY.com

Random Acts of HORROR will be edgy, satirical, and a never-before-seen type of production for Long Island audiences.

To learn more about Producer/Playwright Steve Strangio, go to www.HappySaturdays.com

To learn more about MadhouseTV, go to www.MadhouseTV.com

To learn more about SoLuna Studio, go to www.SoLunaStudioNY.com

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Steve Strangio is a local Long Island playwright, filmmaker, on-air  host, and actor.  He recently completed a series of travel shows for  Patch.com called “Journey to…” and is shopping around a reality show  based on those segments called “The Journeyman.”  His plays have been  staged here in Long Island, in New York City, in Los Angeles, and even  on stages in England.  Aside from producing his stage plays, Steve is a  screenwriter, game inventor, and is also currently promoting a new sport  he created called Zoneball www.zoneballsport.com 

Steve just finished producing, writing, and acting in his first indie  feature film called A Good Man, shot mostly in Malverne, NY.   He plans  to take advantage of the digital revolution and upload his film  directly to iTunes for distribution.  Behind-the-scenes video and clips  from the film can be found, along with many of his videos, at www.YouTube.com/SteveStrangio

Check out a commercial for Random Acts of HORROR at http://youtu.be/4vSjlYrJQqM


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