#100 - Xtreme Bowling at Commack Lanes

Our first installation of 100 Things to do in Commack focuses on a favorite Friday-night activity.

Finding 100 things to do in Commack may seem like a challenge, but you'll be surprised at how many activities are going on right in your backyard. This week, we're starting with a weekend activity that's popular with adults, teens and families alike: Xtreme Bowling at .

Not for the faint of a heart, Xtreme Bowling is a modern twist on a classic pastime. The rules of the game don't change—the atmosphere does. Heart-pounding music and blacklights transform an ordinary game into a sensory overload.

Every Friday and Saturday night starting at 6 p.m., the music is turned up, the lights are dimmed, and the fun begins. Bowling challenges make players step up their game, but a good old-fashioned match is always welcome. And there's no need to interrupt the game once stomachs start rumbling—Commack Lanes offers a wide range of beverages and snacks, including pizza and burgers, which can be served lane-side.

Open until 2 a.m., this spot offers adults a whimsical alternative to a bar or club. Prices are affordable, too, so this weekend activity won't burn a hole in parents' wallets.

Great in Winter or Summer, Xtreme Bowling is a must. And when you come to play, be prepared—this is bowling like you've never seen it.

Category: Family, Entertainment
Price: Affordable
Season: Year-round
Note: All ages welcome

Stay tuned for # 99 next week, same time same place.


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