Cactus Salons Take In T. Carlton's Staff, Honor Unused Gift Cards

Find out where your favorite stylist or nail technician from T. Carlton's of Smithtown is working.

Cactus Salon & Day Spa in Commack. (Patch file photo)
Cactus Salon & Day Spa in Commack. (Patch file photo)
Cactus Salons are preparing to welcome new customers seeking their favorite stylists formerly at a former Smithtown spalon. 

Karen Vito, marketing director for Cactus Salon & Day Spas, said roughly 20 staff members of the former T. Carlton's Spalon in Smithtown have become Cactus Salon employees and that number is growing daily.  

"It’s a very small industry - everyone knows everyone.  It’s a sad thing for T. Carlton because they were a staple in the neighborhood for so many years," Vito said. " We are happy to have them and be able to accommodate them." 

When the owners of T. Carlton's Spalon realized they were no longer able to keep the salon open, they reached out to Cactus Salon's owner Joseph Secreti, according to Vito. T. Calrton's Spalon closed its doors on Aug. 2. 

"They wanted to be able to protect their employees from financial disaster, instead of closing the door and leaving them no where to go," she said. 

Roughly 20 hair stylists, spa technicians and nail technicians have started working at one of three Cactus Salon locations: Smithtown, St. James or Stony Brook. 

"Every day we have been receiving more calls, so that number may increase," Vito said. "We also had many T. Carlton staff come to us a month ago." 

Taking on T. Carlton's staff members has brought a growth spurt to Cactus Salon's business, as they recently moved their Smithtown store to a larger location and are in the process of renovating their Stony Brook location for a larger staff. 

In addition to take on T. Carlton's staff, Cactus Salons across the area have "devised a system" to accept customer's unused gift cards and Gold Card member rewards. Vito said if a former T. Carlton's patron has a $200 gift card and has $100 worth of treatments at a Cactus salon, the customer can put 20 percent, or $20, of the visit on the gift card and pay only $80.  

Former T. Carlton customer are advised to contact their desired Cactus Salon location for specifics on how Gold Card members and other specialty packages from the former Smithtown business will be handled by each store. 

Cactus Salons has provided a full list of what T. Carlton staff members will be working at each store as of Monday morning.

"People work for years building up a clientele and to lose them would be a shame," Vito said. 

Here is a list of where former T. Carlton stylists and technicians are working, under the name they were known at T. Carlton: 

Smithtown - Cactus Salon
(100 E. Main Street, 631-724-0005)
  • Melissa Flo
  • Daniella
  • Jaqui Wilson
  • Mia
  • Heidi
  • Noelle
  • Gary
St. James - Cactus Salon
(556 Route 25A, 631-862-8622)
  • Antoniette
  • Lisa
Stony Brook - Cactus Salon

(2350 Nesconset Highway, 631-320-0700)

  • Christine Frankie
  • Maria Kirschner
  • Kerry Patterson
  • Bonnie
  • Dayana
  • Danielle Lashes
  • Melissa Naccarato
  • Vanessa
  • Krista (Nails)
  • Suzana (Nails)
  • Gabrielle (Nails)
JT August 06, 2013 at 06:10 PM
The owner of T Carlton's, Tom, is now employed as business manager by Cactus in St. James. Why in the world would Cactus employ a man who: has not paid his employees in over 2 weeks, has ripped off hundreds of customers by selling gift cards and certificates up until the day the salon closed, and gave customers no notice to "use or lose" their certificates, and closed the salon with no notice to either employees or customers! He certainly knew he would be closing! You don't go out of business in a day! Tom has stolen thousands from his loyal customers, and while it is generous that Cactus has offerered 20% off of services until your gold card balance has been reached, their generosity is overshadowe by their ignorance of hiring Tom as manager in Saint James! It is also absurd to ask that customers who have a $250 balance spend $1,250 to use their gift card! I encourage all customers to contact Tom (former T. Carlton's owner) at Cactus in St. James for refunds, and also to contact Cactus Headquarters, 150 Motor Parkway, Suite 205, Hauppauge, NY 11788 (631) 586-4849 to let them know that they will never do business with Tom again! If you have unused gold card balances, or gift cards that will not be honored, and you can not get your money back through your credit card company, file a complaint with the NYS Division of Licensing http://www.dos.ny.gov/licensing/complaint.html against Thomas Fricker (LIC ID # 21V1115563) to try and regain your money!!
Denise hof August 06, 2013 at 09:24 PM
Unfortunately businesses close daily especially in this economy, that is why businesses are INC or LLC's most closing of a business with a reputation clientele and stature of T Carlton's do not just close their doors for no reason...I do not know who you are or what your intention is in your post other than to mislead and slander a business owner without knowing the facts. As far as anyone who thinks that the intention of Thomas Fricker after being in business for all these years was to screw people out of their gift cards is a complete and utter moron...I suggest that when u speak out publicly and decide to bash someone personally in such a manner you should have your facts straight and its not always about the dollar!!! As far as Cactus Salon hiring Tom and his employees it is a beneficial to Cactus it shows respect and business sense along with professional admiration and to the owner of Cactus who is not an ignorant person KUDOS to you!!!! Maybe the uniformed should be knocking at the door of Mr. Carltons wife, who for the past 20 years handled all the financial books...while Mr. Carlton worked at his trade proudly and professionally
JT August 06, 2013 at 09:42 PM
I didn't slander anyone, so give it a rest. I don't believe I states reasons why they closed, and personally I don't care what Tom's intentions were/are. You want facts? Here you go... Tom Fricker owned a business. That business sold prepaid services to customers in the form of a "gold card" and other gift certificates. (BTW, they are still for sale on the company's website.) That business also hasn't paid many employees in weeks. That business closed doors without warning their loyal customers who bought prepaid services that they would need to use or lose their services, or many employees that they would be without a job. Lots of people are out lots of money. And we aren't talking $25 gift certificates, we are talking $500 certificates. That same business owner, Tom, is now employed by another salon, and trying to gain the business of old customers who he and his wife just finished ripping off. I feel terrible for the employees and I am glad that Cactus was able to absorb them and hope they do well. I did not say the owner of Cactus was ignorant- I said it showed ignorance to hire Tom Fricker. Who in their right mind would support that man's business after what he just did?? Hopefully, the employees will have recourse to receive their back pay! I am letting customers know what course they have to to try to regain their losses from prepaying for services they will now not receive. If you think Tom Fricker has anything to be proud of, then you are the moron. And Denise, I suggest that you do not address me again.


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