DEC Shuts Down Shellfishing in Huntington

Runoff contaminants from this weekend's deluge lead to temporary prohibition in town's waters.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation  announced Monday that shellfish harvesting in certain Town of Huntington waters is temporarily prohibited because of the high volume of runoff from this weekend's storm.

All of Lloyd Harbor, Northport Bay, Centerport Harbor, Duck Island Harbor, and the southern portions of Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington Bay have been designated as uncertified and closed to shellfishing through Aug. 22.

All areas receiving over three inches of rain were affected by the temporary DEC prohibition. Such high volumes of stormwater runoff carry bacteria and viruses into bays and harbors which may contaminate shellfish.

The DEC said that it will reopen the areas as soon as possible based on the results of bacteriological analyses on water samples to be collected this week. 

Sunday's downpour also affected Huntington area beaches which were deemed inadvisable for swimming by the Suffolk County Department of Health on Monday for possible high bacteria concentrations. The county's advice against swimming applied for only 24 hours after the last rainfall.

Jen LaVertu August 16, 2011 at 11:00 AM
Lets see....can't swim? Can't fish? Let's add 1000+ more cars and more people and call it Avaon Bay! It will revitalize Huntington Station, add more pollutants to kill the rest of the clamming industry and since they will have their own pool who cares about swimming right? Ya think the water table levels at the sewer plant have anything to do with that either? nawwwwww.....


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