'Hell's Kitchen' Winner at Ciao Baby

Heather West moves into kitchens at Commack, Massapequa Italian restaurants.

recently welcomed Hell's Kitchen winner Heather West to its kitchen, and the Port Jefferson native is working like a former TV personality to change things up a little at the Italian restaurants in Commack and Massapequa.

"I'm trying to be like Magyver in the kitchen," she said with a laugh on Wednesday. "I don't want to bring in new products - I want to use what we already have."

West is looking specifically to add to the restaurants' Baby Ciao menus, which offer a lighter fare at the restaurants traditionally known for their large portion sizes - so much so, that

She said the lighter menu, which will also have gluten free options, should be complete in a couple of weeks. As a small taste, she did say that mini potato pancakes with roasted tomatoes, prosciutto chips and ricotta cheese would likely be one option on the menu.

West said she ended up at Ciao Baby at the end of January after a relationship with owner Frank Cammarata opened up the door for a job.

"He always liked my work ethic," she said. "Finally I was looking around for a change. I heard he was looking for me. And it worked out."

Richard Riccoboni April 19, 2012 at 10:27 PM
I've had the good fortune of spending a day in the kitchen with Chef West, she has the focus and stamina that it takes to get the job done given any pressure, a great learning experience! Thank you Chef!
Chris Drago June 22, 2012 at 03:00 AM
just had the most horrifying diner at Caio baby. Staff was horrible food took over two hioiurs to get and when we did it was terrible. They compensated us for the diner and gave us two fifty dollar gift cards. I will never use the cards and as for Heather the winner of hells kitchen. Tonight was just like the TV show everything was terrible and plate after plate went back into the kitchen. I ordered clams muscles and shrimp over risotto. THE CLAMS WERE NOT EVEN OPENED and the risotto tasted like wall paper paste


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