Help Wanted: Local Jobs Available

See who's hiring around the Smithtown area.

For those seeking work in the area - or those who are looking for a new job, or even a second job - check out the list of local job openings below. Also, the New York Department of Labor offers tips and links on its website.

Catholic Home Care

  • Title: Courier
  • Duties: Install, pick-up, or service health equipment at patients' homes or hospitals; assist with paperwork needed to maintain Telehealth program.
  • Apply here


  • Title: Retail sales manager
  • Duties: Responsible for selling a mix of snack products and managing merchandising, including leading displays, managing merchandisers, and more.
  • Apply here

Barnes & Noble College Booksellers

  • Title: Textbook rental coordinator
  • Duties: Provide customer service for store managers, maintain files for books checked in and out, and more.
  • Apply here

The Millenium Group

  • Title: Receptionist
  • Duties: Operate phones, meet-and-greet visitors, schedule conferences, maintain neat office area, and more.
  • Apply here

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

  • Title: Client service representative
  • Duties: Work with staff in Regional Center to ensure smooth patient and information flow from site to site.
  • Apply here

Simplex Grinnel

  • Title: Service technician III
  • Duties: Service/install alarms; execute service schedules; upsell customers.
  • Apply here

American Hearing Aid Associates

  • Title: Front office person
  • Duties: Handle patient calls, manage office schedule, maintain billing records, and more clerical duties.
  • Apply here

Bella Baby Photography

  • Title: Baby photographer
  • Duties: Part-time position requires knowledge of using SLR cameras and lighting techniques, and proficiency in Adope Photoshop.
  • Apply here

CA Technologies

  • Title: Computer operator
  • Duties: Monitor operation of computers, troubleshoot problems.
  • Apply here


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