Local Bakery Makes Cake Dreams into Reality

Torta Fina bakery creates all sorts of speciality cakes – many inspired after the concepts found on Ace of Cakes, a Food Network show.

Torta Fina Bake Shoppe & Pastisserie, in the Bonwit shopping center, has noticed a dip in sales due to the economy, but with its remodeled look and new techniques, it's back in business, owner Joseph Campbell said.

Campbell grew up in Commack and picked the location on Vanderbilt Parkway because of his experience with its success. He said that a sign of the economy right here in Commack is the empty store front in the Bonwit shopping center. Campbell said in his 13 years with Torta Fina, he never saw a vacant store in the area.

"You feel it, but you try to keep the prices the same and work smarter, more efficiently. We're coming back, speciality cakes are being requested because of Ace of Cakes," Campbell said.

Ace of Cakes, a show on the Food Network, has changed Campbell's business. He said it is common to have patrons request crazy designs, designs he creates himself.

Campbell has a degree in arts and baking from Adelphi University, talents which work together to create the elaborate displays photographed here and on their Facebook page. These new cakes require new techniques and art work – Campbell said their most recent cake featured pearls, a Chanel lipstick and perfume bottle and a high-heeled shoe.

Their remodel, Campbell said, was necessary and a great way to make their ten-year anniversary. They also opened a Babylon location, on Deer Park Road. The renovation gives Torta Fina a European-feel, reminding patrons that it is a "patisserie" as well. This term is the French term for a café, which is the other services provided by the bakery.

Their coffee shop menu has over thirty different frozen coffee and smoothie combinations, as well as hot coffees and pastries.


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