Lucky 7 Laundromat to Leave Mayfair Shopping Center by June

Laundromat owner claims landlord has called her business "degrading to shopping center," while customers make show of support.

A Commack laundromat's run of luck in the Mayfair Shopping Center may have come to an end. 

Christina Onorato, owner of , said she is being forced to move her business out of the Jericho Turnpike shopping center by June 15. Onorato said the property manager, Levin Management, refuses to renew her lease calling her business "degrading to the shopping center." 

"I'm very insulted that he called my business degrading to the shopping center," Onorato said. "It's kind of crazy." 

Lucky 7's current lease in Mayfair Shopping Center will expire at the end of June, forcing the laundromat to move out by June 15. The owner said there's been signs of trouble for the past two years, claiming Levin repeatedly put her off for negotiating a new lease, ever since the shopping center received a face lift - attracting the likes of Gap, Ann Taylor Loft and Jos. A. Bank. 

Lucky 7 Laundromat has been had a located in the Mayfair Shopping Center for 15 years, with more than 80 washers and dryers available for public use. The chain also has a second Commack location at 209 Commack Road. 

"The main reason people say they come here is, 'you keep it so clean'," Onorato said. 

As a former Commack resident, Onorato said she when she moved her business into into Mayfair, she was one of the few businesses there besides the deli and liquor store. Her laundromat provides services to more than 500 customers, and takes in more than 1,000 pounds of drop-off laundry each week, she estimated. 

"I have lawyers, doctors, nurses and police officers who drop off their laundry here. It's convient for them to have someone here doing it, while they are off doing other things," the laundromat owner said. 

Her customers agree, and have started to push back to their laundromat. One customer printed up small slips with Levin Management's website and phone number, encouraging other customers to call up and ask them to renew Lucky 7's lease.

"I would really like to stay here," Onorato said. "They just want me out. They don't even want to hear anything else." 

Levin Management staff confirmed Lucky 7 Laundromat will be leaving Mayfair Shopping center in June, but did not respond to requests for further details. 

There are two vacant storefronts available for rent in the shopping center. Levin Management's website lists a 800-square-foot and a 11,762-square-foot storefronts are up for lease. 

As a single mother of five, Onorato said she's worried about how she will make a living if her larger store closes, as her second location on Commack Road less than half the size. 

She says some have suggested moving, but don't understand the complicated requirements of electrical and gas lines, sewage systems required to open a laundromat. Ornato estimates it would take her six to eight month to get necessary permits from the Town of Smithtown. 

L. Schneider June 06, 2012 at 02:49 AM
On commack rd the other lucky 7 has no one that speaks english either. Our clothes were stolen from the machines as im in the back folding my other clohes. We have called multiple times and talked to Christina the owner and she claims it's not her fault and tells me she will look at her cameras and I never recieved a call back yet now going on 2 months. I was a great customer now I will not ever give her my business and I will make sure I will let others now how she runs a business!!!!
L. Schneider June 06, 2012 at 02:58 AM
Maybe if she had a better attitude and listened to multiple concerns and complaints from loyal customers,instead of pushing them aside and ignoring them, maybe there would be a bigger out cry to keep her around. But, as I found out first hand, she was quick to take your money and not care if anything was wrong, missing, or damaged with regards to her place of business. So I say good riddens!
CommackMom July 03, 2012 at 11:18 AM
I say that if the Landlord is so concerned with this store they should really look into Waldbaums and the Chinese Buffet. Waldbaums is FILTHY and the food is always passed the selling date. The Chinese Buffet is never clean. Just drive through the back of the shopping center and you can see the filth.
bad dude June 09, 2014 at 02:21 PM
L. Schneider. I learned the hard way about the owners nasty attitude. I was also a regular customer who spent a lot of money having my clothes cleaned there. One day I went with some clothes to be cleaned. I saw some donuts and some coffee on the counter the box was open. I took a donut. Immediately the owner was quite rude and nasty to me. I told her assertively "I'm sorry I did not know you didn't have to give me an attitude" Immediately she threw me out of her store and threatened to call the cops on me. I left immediately why should I do business with her when there are so many laundromats out there in the area. She guarded the door and watched me go to my car. I was treated like total dirt and outright humiliated and insulted. L. Schnieder keep telling others spread the word around to get as many people turned away from her business. She should be boycotted in my opinion. I am glad the Mayfair shopping center is having problems with her.


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