Lucky 7 Laundromat to Stay Put in Mayfair Shopping Center

Local laundromat owner strikes deal with landlord to allow her business to keep doing business in Commack.

A Commack laundromat owner's luck hasn't run out yet, as a deal has been struck to allow her to stay open for business. 

Lucky 7 Laundromat has renewed its lease in Mayfair Shopping Center, despite earlier

"It's passed June 15, and I'm still here," said Christina Onorato, owner of Lucky 7 Laundromats. 

Onorato contacted Patch in March when she said Lucky 7 Laundromat was being forced to move out of Mayfair Shopping Center, between Rite Aid and New York & Company, by the end of June. Lucky 7 Laundromat has been located in the Mayfair Shopping Center for 15 years. 

The laundromat owner said Levin Management's property manager had insulted her laundromat business by calling it "degrading to the shopping center." 

Regular customers of Lucky 7 Laundromat, upon hearing the business was being pressured to leave, reached out to Levin Management to support Onorato. One customer printed up small slips with Levin Management's website and phone number, encouraging other customers to call up and ask them to renew Lucky 7's lease.

Onorato would not give details on what deal was struck between her and Levin Management, or how long the lease was renewed for. Merely, that Lucky 7 Laundromat will keep providing locals with a place to do their laundry. 

Lucky 7 Laundromat has 80 washers and dryers available for public use. it provides services to more than 500 customers and takes in more than 1,000 pounds of drop-off laundry each week, according to Onorato. 

pbug56 July 03, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Hopefully Levin gets themselves a new Property Manager whose a lot more civil. Strip malls have lots of empty space these days; stable businesses are generally an asset. If there is an image issue, let Levin make the outside of the place nicer.
Ducky Bear July 13, 2012 at 02:07 PM
This is great news! This is a great place to do laundry and shop while you wait for the machines to do their job. This is a victory for Onorato and for me too b/c this is my favorite laundromat! I live in Queens NY but will travel here for the convenience of shopping, the well maintained laundry establishment, and prompt and courteous service.


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