Residents Peeved Over Industrial Area Form Task Group, Online Petition

Neighbors band together to take action on quality of life issues near the Kings Park industrial area.

A group of Kings Park and Commack residents banded together recently to form a task group to unite residents who live near the intersection of Old Northport and Lawrence Road to stop what they say are hazardous smells and noises emitted from the nearby industrial area.

Town officials seem to agree that something does indeed stink, though they are not sure they can pipoint it. Smithtown Planning Director Frank DeRubeis has first-hand experience.

"I will acknowledge having been in that area there are odors – I acknowledge that – but where they are coming from, I don't know," DeRubeis previously said.

Lisa Inzerillo, who lives a few blocks from the industrial area, decided many voices were better than a single voice and began reaching out to her neighbors after a flyer was sent around by resident Tom Uverzagt who thought it was best that they band together. They then formed the Old Northport Lawrence Road Task Force.

The task force has put one person in charge of each block, as a “block captain” to help facilitate communication. To further that, the group has created a Facebook page.

“These are quality of life issues. Between noise and odor we cannot sit in our backyards or stand outside for more than a couple of minutes,” said Inzerillo.

Concerns in the area continue to grow as the town grapples over zoning issues and business owners seek variances and ordinance changes to allow their activities to continue.

A December study regarding future zoning of the Lawrence Road area in Kings Park reccommended a creation of a new zoning code that would triple the buildable industrial area. Town officials blasted the study with town supervisor Patrck Vecchio saying the study was "not worth the paper it was printed on". The following month town offcials backed off that claim and said the plan was worth reconsidering.

Most recently, the Smithtown Board of Zoning Appeals voted to deny KPE II, an industrial area business,  a certificate of existing use that would legalize its pre-cast concrete business off Old Northport Road and Lawrence Road in Kings Park on Feb. 12, resulting in a win for area neighbors.

The task force created a petition on Feb. 21 asking town officials to "shut down all nonconforming users/uses that do not comply with current town code."

Inzerillo said the group will be presenting it at the next Smithtown Town Hall meeting on Feb. 28  and the next Kings Park Civic Association meeting.

christy bertolli February 23, 2013 at 01:51 AM
I really get what what these residents are complaining about but what they fail to remember or take into account is the fact that they bought houses in an industrial /construction area. This area has been home to consttruction companies, concrete companies, sandmines etc since the 1950's-1960's THEY WERE THERE AND OPERATING WHEN YOU BOUGHT YOUR HOUSES. THEY WERE THERE BEFORE YOU. You paid a lower price for your house because they were close by and they bring thousands and thousands of tax dollars to YOUR schools and community. Next time drive around and see the area your buying in before you buy your house. No one appreciates the contribution these companies makes to the tax rolls!! These same people would be complaining about traffic if the construction sites were replaced by big box stores.
Bringourtownback March 01, 2013 at 06:56 PM
Records show they paid close to nothing in property taxes last year including one company that got away with under $100 tax bill. The surrounding residential homes pay anywhere from 12-20k in property taxes each! In addition, the property of KPE has been abandoned for years until they decided to start up hazardous operations again. So no one purchased their homes knowing this would go on, because at the time the KPE property was vacant!
GLENN March 02, 2013 at 01:18 AM
it doesn't matter when they moved in, if the business is causing illness it must be shut down. They are operating illegally, and they don't pay there fair share to be at that location. YOur argument is ridiculous, many business reside in/near residential neighborhoods and no one gets lung problems, auto immune problems and constant noise pollution from them, this company has been irresponsible for to long now. TIME TO GO! They didn't follow any rule!
KPNY March 03, 2013 at 02:18 AM
@ christy Bertolli: I'm pretty sure you are confused. Although part of the area in question is zoned light industry, the bulk of the land is zoned half acre residential. You may have thought that this article was about the area to the west on the Town Line road industrial area. None of the people that purchased homes here got a discount. it was never zoned heavy industry. The situation here is a new problem that started a few years ago when KPE2 brought their illegal operation to Kings Park. I guess they thought they could pull a fast one over on the Town Board and the residents...they underestimated their neighbors...and the Town is taking them to court. As for the taxes they pay...do your homework please before you post...they pay a minuscule fraction compared to what the homeowners pay. Posts like yours infuriate me because you make large sweeping statements without any facts. Read up on the types of businesses that are legal in a "light industry" zone, then drive past this area (old northport rd just past Smithtown High School West) and see if the two match. I look forward to your rebuttal/ apology post. Have a good evening.


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