State Restores LIPA Solar Rebates Program

New York gives the Long Island Power Authority $5 million to help cover costs.

New York state this week said it would give $5 million to the Long Island Power Authority to restore the authority's solar rebate program, which helps locals and businesses defray the costs of installing these green energy systems.

The move came after LIPA on Aug. 30 suspended the program for lack of cash.

According to LIPA, the state money will keep the Solar Pioneer program, which gives rebates to help cover the costs of rooftop solar energy systems, running through the end of the year.

The rebate program is part of the state's NY-Sun initiative, which is pushing solar energy across New York.

LIPA is extending this program in the midst of major reform. The utility is already preparing to hand over control of the electric grid to PSEG on Jan. 1, when LIPA is also expected to reduce its staff in order to scale down dramatically.


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