The Dish: Millennium's Cheddar Cheeseburger Deluxe

Are you a fan of a burger but don't feel like going to a burger joint to get one? Check out the Cheddar Cheeseburger Deluxe from Millennium Diner. While a diner may not be your typical spot for a burger this one doesn't disappoint.

The Dish: Cheddar Cheeseburger Deluxe ($11.45)

What is it: A huge 6-ounce hamburger with cheddar cheese on a toasted bun served with cole slaw and a pickle, french fries, onion rings, lettuce and tomato. If you're interested in some extra flavor you could add $3 and have it topped with bacon.

Don't like cheddar? You could also get Muenster, Swiss or mozzarella.

How does it taste: One word – delicious. If you get the burger cooked medium rare you will absolutely be satisfied. The cheddar is bold, the burger is tender and juicy, and the bacon adds a flavor that's completely different yet ties everything together.

Sides: You can't go wrong with cole slaw and pickles but if you want extra flavor add mozzarella cheese and gravy to the fries. 

Beverage: You could go with a Soda for $2.75, and you could choose from Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Diet Sprite, Ginger Ale and Dr. Pepper. You get one free refill with an order. 

Why you should eat this: This is a great burger you could have at any time, day or night.


Ken Heard October 29, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Best Local Burger ? THE CHOP SHOP, AT HAPPY HOUR. Only 5 bucks. Half price for wine.
Peter Verry November 01, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Ken, Have to try that out! But without the wine for me. Thanks for the heads up!


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