Twentysomething: Nightlife in Commack is Very Limited

What's a twentysomething to do in Commack when the options are more than limited?

There is a serious lack of nighttime activities for the average twentysomething to do in Commack nowadays.

Sure there’s always the ever-trusty where you can literally snack the night away on chicken fingers and pasta salad.  And there’s the where you can have a ball ‘till 1 a.m. on Thursday and Friday and 2 a.m. on Saturday.

But besides these late night options, there’s really not much going on.

As far as hangout places are concerned, Miller’s Ale House is by far one of the most popular hangouts nearby for my generation, and that’s not even technically in Commack.

If you decide you want to grab a drink in a classier food establishment you have some more options, however limited.

There’s always for a Bonsai (cold Sake and Plum Wine) to spice up the night, or a Mango Cocktail at Wild Ginger down Jericho Turnpike, or even a glass of “vino” (that’s “wine” in Italian) at . 

If you’re not looking to class it up that much, you can always head over to Applebees where, if you’re from Commack, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see  someone you vaguely recognize from Commack High School (Even if you don’t see them in person you might catch a glimpse of them in the back corner on the “wall of Commack.”)

It seems like there are lots of options of nighttime things to do in Commack, but when you live here for twentysomething years and are ready to go out and party these options seem increasingly stagnant.

More times than not I find myself traveling outside of Commack in search of a good time – especially on the weekends. 

Huntington is a popular choice for many Commackians given its close proximity and multitude of bars to choose from. You can literally go there and decide if you’re in more of a chill, rock n’ roll, or dance mood, and pick your bar of choice accordingly. Though some I would recommend getting a little more dressed up for than others - like one of my favorites, the .

Many Commackians also choose to hop the Deer Park train for either a late-night outing somewhere in NYC, or the Babylon line for a trip to the ever-popular Mulcahy’s in Wantagh and Rockville Centre.

Bottom line is that while Commack does have some things to keep us twentysomethings entertained, it’s not nearly enough to keep us amused for long.  I guess it’s part of what comes with living in a middle-of-the-island suburbia that is not town-like in the slightest. Commack has no central meeting up points, no bars that we can literally walk to from our houses so we don’t have to find a designated driver for the night, no food establishment right around the corner that’s open until 1 a.m. that’s not a sit down diner, and no place to strap on some stilettos and dance the night away.


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