Do You Love Your Vet? You Should!

Dr. Diane Levitan, Veterinarian at Peace Love Pets Veterinary Care, introduces herself and hopes to answer any veterinary related questions you have! Read about her and send questions! Here we go!

Hi Everyone, I want to introduce myself. I am Diane Levitan, a board certified veterinary internal medicine specialist with over 20 years of experience in the veterinary profession. 

I founded Peace Love Pets Veterinary Care last year (2010) almost exactly a year ago! It is a general practice with specialty care built in as well (we see referrals from other local veterinarians for special procedures and ultrasounds).  I love what I do and feel privileged to work in such a great area with great people. I live in Syosset, but love working here in Commack.  

So, many of you have vets that you have been happy with and that is so wonderful. If you are happy, feel well cared for, have a great rapport with your vet and their office, than read no further. That is how you should feel- you should feel comfortable that no question is a stupid question and that your call will be returned and you can count on them for the support and pet care you need and can afford. Your vet should always give you options, refer you to a specialist for certain cases and give you information to help you make informed decisions. 

When my clients leave my office, I want to make sure they are happy, feel comfortable and go home with typed instructions. 

Anyway, I am just introducing myself to you and hope to be here for you to answer any questions you may have or want answered. I do not expect for all readers to become my clients, that is not my goal.  I hope to educate and assist you all in any way you would like me to, so please, submit pet-related questions and concerns you may have and we can chat about them!

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Hi Julie- sounds like you are right on target with your pets cause of coughing. Fortunately, she is not having difficulty as a result. We cannot slow the progression of weakening of the tracheal rings but we can certainly work to control clinical sings of the problem should they become prevalent. Using a harness on her instead of a collar will help decreasentrCheal irritation and coughing. I would be happy to review what your vet has done and answer any additional questions you have and I would certainly follow up with your vet if you would like. Please let me know how I can help!
Julie Benedict November 08, 2012 at 04:08 PM
Hello Dr. Levitan, Thank you so much for getting back to me. With the hurricane it took me a while to get back online. We took our Lexi to a Specialist, he just looked at the X-rays our vet sent him along with blood work. He agreed the X-ray showed a significant narrowing. Lexi symptom's are very mild. Our vet feels it is very early stages and we should just watch her and treat her if symptoms increase with medication. The specialist wanted us to schedule her right away for the fluoroscopy and measure her for a stent. Depending on the results possibly do the stent surgery. He believes doing the surgery before they get too sick or severe is best. Everything I have read about the surgery says it should only be done as a last resort. Also, the specialist says they stent the whole trachea as in the past other areas would collapse. Our vet does not feel anything is necessary at this point. We are confused and only want the best for our baby Lexi. What do you think? Thanks Julie Benedict
HI there, so happy you replied with this. I am also an internal medicine specialist and place stents myself. I do not know who you saw, but I strongly disagree that this should be done early. This is absolutely a last resort for patients that are not enjoying a quality of life due to their inability to breath. Stents can be life saving, but they can also leave a pet coughing (breathing safely, but coughing) for the rest of their lives. Any vet who would tell you to put it in to prevent problems likely has not done a large number of them or has had results unlike the majority of specialists who will also recommend this with great caution and lots of education prior. In addition, it can be done for much less money without flouroscopy and can be done safely and quickly. I am sure the specialist has your best interest in mind, however, I disagree that this should be done right away. I would be happy to refer you to the pioneers of this procedure in Manhattan if you want another view. Feel free to contact me any time. All the best, -diane levitan
Julie Benedict November 09, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Hello Dr. Levitan I cannot thank you enough for your reply. We feel the same about this as you do, and so does our vet. Our vet was going to consult with another specialist after hearing about our experience. She does not think the fluoroscopy or the stent should be done right now. So I am going to speak to her, Lexi currently is on an antibiotic for a urinary track infection. We have to bring a sample in to her after she finishes her antibiotic, at that time I will have her forward Lexi's information to you and I will set up an appointment with you so you can examine her and give us your opinion. We can take it from there. I have heard of the facility in Manhattan, and after you see Lexi at that time you can see if we should bring her there or treat her as symptoms arise. I do thank you for all this helpful information. I know our vet emailed Lexi's X-ray to the other specialist, so what would be the best way for her to send you her information or should they just call before doing so? Thanks so much!!! Julie Benedict
They can send referral information from our web site peacelovepets.org or email to me at dlevitan@peacelovepets.org Look forward to helping you manage this. -diane


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