Commack Man Joins JetBlue Lawsuit Over Pilot Breakdown

Michael Bedzinger is one of 31 plaintiffs suing airline after a pilot's frightening behavior forced a plane bound for Las Vegas to land in Texas.


A Commack man is one of more than 20 JetBlue Airway passangers who have joined the lawsuit against the company after one of its pilots had a mid-air breakdown in March. 

Newsday reports that 20 people including several from Long Island, have joined the civil complain against JetBlue , bringing the total number of plaintiffs to 32, after a pilot's frightening behavior caused a Las Vegas-bound fight to be diverted to Amarillo, Texas in March. 

Michael Bedzinger, 48, of Commack, is one of the plaintiffs who spoke to Newday about the lawsuit. He was one of 135 passengers on the plane. 

JetBlue "should have been able to know that this guy [the pilot] was not stable enough to be flying that plane," Bedzinger told Newsday. 

The captain of the flight, Capt. Claybon Osbon, missed a pre-flight meeting and began behaving bizarre shortly after the flight took off, according to Newsday. He also allegedly ran up and down the aisle in the cabin after being locked out of the cockpit, before eventually passengers and attendents restrained him. 

Read more on Newsday about the lawsuit against JetBlue over the pilot's behavior. 

GLENN August 31, 2012 at 01:28 AM
Oh Please, we are in the generation of sue for everything and work for nothing. Karma......who ever sues for this should be banned from ever flying again!


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