Friends of Marion Carll Submit Proposal to District

The Friends of Marion Carll, a non-profit in the first stages of approval, submitted a proposal to the District on Friday, in time with the July 31 deadline.

A coalition led by Bruce Ettenberg, his wife Debbie and Cathleen Sullivan dubbed The Friends of Marion Carll Farm has submitted a proposal to the Commack School District detailing their ideas for preserving and operating the Marion Carll Farm.

Their efforts began after the community voted against selling the property to Holiday Organization. Ettenberg, the president of the Commack Community Association, used the association to lead the discussion.

After an initial meeting to determine the ideas of the community, Ettenberg and a steering committee met at the Commack Public Library to discuss their proposal.

State Legis. John Kennedy Jr., representatives from the Huntington Historical Society and Joel Schliefer were present at the meeting as well. Schliefer assisted the group based on his knowledge of non-profit 501c3 organizations.

Leslie Kennedy said an attempt at preservation of the materials should be made as soon as possible. The furniture, personal items, papers and other artifacts have been in the home, exposed to the elements, since Alberta Jenkins' death.

The proposal includes provisions for preserving the artifacts in the property and beginning to cultivate the land to prepare for fall planting.

The school district did not have a comment on any proposals submitted.

Barbara Dreier May 29, 2011 at 12:26 PM
I think that they should fix up the farm and the house .And open it up to the people of Commack.


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