McCulloch Drive Home Flooded By Water Main Break

Homeowners upset by loss of car, damaged pictures of deceased family member caused by Sunday morning accident.


Two McCulloch Drive residents woke up to a flooded home after a water main break on Vanderbilt Motor Parkway flooded areas of Commack and Dix Hills on Sunday morning. 

Bill and Barbara Brocco said they knew something wasn't quite right when they awoke to the sounds of payloaders traveling along Vanderbilt Motor Parkway towards Commack Middle School at approximately 8 a.m. Sunday. 

However, it wasn't until Barbara stepped out to get the Sunday newspaper that she spotted the problem. 

"The water was just like a river, and of course it was going right down my driveway," she said.

A 12-inch water pipeline near the intersection of McCulloch Drive and Vanderbilt Motor Parkway burst, sending thousands of gallons down local roadways and flooding Commack Middle School's parking lot.

The broken water main filled the Brocco's garage and basement with several feet of water. White sandbags dropped off by Huntington Town workers on Sunday after they rushed to save Commack Middle School, sat on standby after the damage was already done. 

"Our basement is destroyed. Our hot water heater, the furnace, my car - everything is gone," Bill said. 

The couple said their 2006 Toyota Avalon parked in the garage was completely submerged, and will be one of the toughest loses to face. 

"That's what bothers me most. I was going to give it to my son to make his life easier, now I have to buy a new car," Bill said. "I promised him."

His wife was visibly upset about a suitcase containing photos of her recently deceased father that was floating among the flooded rooms. The couple had attempted to wade through rushing water to save them, but could not reach it.

"When you see the water coming in like that, you feel helpless. I can't imagine what people hit by Sandy when through, watching their houses wash away," Bill said. 

The Dix Hills homeowners had survived the recent superstorm with minimal damages with a large tree had fallen hitting their backyard shed and destroying section fencing. They had been prepared for potential flooding, filling sand bags and plastic tarping to prevent potential flooding of their basement. 

"We did okay with Sandy, but we had no time to prepare for this. No time at all. The water was coming in faster than we could act," Bill said. 

He said its his belief the storm and its aftermath potentially lead to the water main break and severely impacted the local flooding. The Broccos said large payloaders, dump trucks and other cleanup crews have been speeding along Vanderbilt Motor Parkway over recent weeks to aid the Sandy recovery effort, they believe placing stress on the roadway and underlying infastructure. 

Bill Brocco said the town has yet to clear debris from Hurricane Sandy, which clogged local storm sewers, and prevented the water from safely draining away from his house.  

However, he didn't blame the Town of Huntington for a failure to cleanup - but quite the opposite. 

"Everyone is trying, the Town is trying as there is a lot of damage. As much as this is a loss, everyone is doing the best they can," Bill said. 

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Concerned Comamck Citizen December 10, 2012 at 02:50 PM
I am not sure if the Town is to blame for thsi, but their clean-up effort stinks.
JP December 10, 2012 at 06:13 PM
The town's clean up effort is a result of ms-management. If look and see the caravan of trucks, you will see the reason why it takes so long to clear all of the streets. I have seen on at least 3 occasions since the storm (as well as at least twice in the spring) the parade of 4 or 5 trucks lined up on the street awaiting the payloader truck to pick up the garbage bags of leaves and tree limbs. My question is as follows: Is this proper use of the time and budget of our town workers? Why can't one of the 6 worker that I saw sitting in their trucks for over 45 minutes) (waiting for the payloader truc) get out of their trucks and pick up the bags without the use of the "payloader truck? Who is "supervising" the workers? I am not expecting the workers to risk injury and pick up the heavy tree limbs. Those can wait for the necessary equipment. However, in may cases they weigh less then the cans the garbage men pick up each week. The amount of wasted fuel, money and unnecessary pollution from this practice must be stopped! Would love to hear what anyone else thinks...and an explanantion from our elected officials!
Concerned Comamck Citizen December 10, 2012 at 06:49 PM
You will never get an explanation. I have been trying to query Naughtion for years and why our snow removal is so poor and never get an answer. Vote him out next Nov, even if he runs unopposed.


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