Q&A: A Nurse's Guide to Summer Skin Care

Cactus Salon Registered Nurse and skin care expert, Theresa Foster, provides her tips for protecting your skin this summer.

According to Registered Nurse and skin care expert Theresa Foster, the best way to prevent skin cancer, wrinkles and skin pigmentations is to practice sun safety.

Foster specializes in laser hair removal at Cactus Salon & Spa and spent five years as a Clinical Nurse for the Melanoma Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  Through her medical background and education, Foster believes she knows how to help clients prevent skin cancer.

"Start educating children about sun safety at a very young age. Though Melanoma frequently surfaces in adults, it often develops during childhood; prevention is key," Foster said. She believes that the best way to protect against the sun is simple: "wear sunscreen, hats and sunglasses." 

Be extra cautious if you or your child has fair-skin, blonde hair and blue eyes as these are risk factors associated with skin cancer. "I tell all of my clients to wear 95 SPF on their face and at least 55 on other exposed areas," Foster said.

The sun is not the only risk to your health.  According to Foster, research has shown that those who have used UV indoor tanning are 74% more likely to develop Melanoma than a person who has never tanned indoors.

"UV rays from tanning beds are worst than UV rays from the sun," said Foster.  "The heat ionizing radiation alters DNA.  Anything that alters DNA is cancer causing."

Foster recommends Jergens self-tanner, airbrush spray tan, and blush as an alternative for a healthy summer glow.


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