Readers React: Curious Case of the Marion Carll Farm Lawsuit [POLL]

Locals respond to Blogger Jim Tampellini's post on the Carll heir's lawsuit seeking repossession of the historic farm.

Patch readers are weighing in on  Patch blogger Jim Tampellini's latest opinion piece,

Tampellini, a lawyer, talks about how Commack School District could respond to the March 16 lawsuit in which Marion Carll's heirs attempt to reclaim the historic property. The lawsuit claims school officials have failed to adhere to the five tenents set forth in Carll's will, to use the property for educational and public purposes. 

Tampellini discusses how he believed the district may have a valid defense to the lawsuit and asks the question, if the district surrendering the property to the heirs, instead of fighting for it, is in everyone's best interest. 

Patch Readers had this to say on the matter: 

said, "It's time for this BOE to give the property to an organization that will honor the wishes of the will and open the property to the public. If they are going to just walk away from it give it to such an organization. We do not need any more condos in Commack."

"This is just crazy. What the heck is the District thinking? That property belongs to the people of Commack and if they have a good claim then the Board is obligated to fight for it," wrote

said, "It's hard to imagine that given the current Commack School District affinity for revenue producing ventures, this property would be allowed to lie barren. This piece of land could be a marvelous way for a "Main Street challenged" community like Commack to establish a bit of hometown identity for itself. Imagine a clean and restored Marion Carll Farm where fees could be charged to vendors for events like farmers markets, craft fairs, car shows. The list goes on and on. Alas, the cynic in me says that that is exactly what the powers that be within the district would NOT want, as people may no longer see their local school as the de facto community center.

commented, "the district cant pay the bills as it is and this is just one more thing that adds to it. Logic says give it to someone who will maintain it. But we all know the Board's feelings on logic." 

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