The Dish: Burrito Loco Offers Fresh Tacos With A Twist

Commack's lone burrito shop serves creative variations of Mexican staples.

If Mexican is on your mind, a trip to is the answer. While the casual eatery features an extensive menu, the flavors truly shine in the tacos. Great for lunch or dinner, the creative taco options (which also come in burrito form) are a satisfying alternative to traditional Mexican.

The Dish: The Taco Softie ($2.99) and Taco Pescadero ($2.79)

What's Inside: The softie features chicken, shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream and fresh chopped tomtato salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla. The pescadero is made of breaded red snapper, cabbage, house dressing and fresh lime wedges.

How's it taste: The taco softie's chicken is tender and savory, and plays well against the cool sour cream and crispy lettuce. The flavors are evenly distributed throughout the fluffy corn tortilla. Although optional, a few shots of hot sauce add kick to an otherwise safe dish. A hint of lime surprises the palate during the first bite of the taco pescadero, and the creamy house dressing offers a tangy zing to the moist, crispy snapper snapper.

Sides: They keep it simple, without sacrificing flavor. A dish of warm, salted tortilla chips and a selection of fresh salsas from the salsa bar are all you need.

Rebecca July 08, 2011 at 02:33 AM
Burrito Loco: Great food, friendly staff, been eating there with my family since they opened 4 years ago. The Fish Tacos are to die for and they have the best Rice Bowls.


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