White Christmas Still a Possibility for Long Island

Weak storm could leave the island coated with a slush inch or two of snow.


A weak low-pressure storm passing to the south of Long Island tonight and tomorrow morning could leave our area with a few slushy inches of snow and a White Christmas.

The weak front will move into our area later on Monday evening, beginning with some light precipitation around 10 p.m. The low could track close to the shoreline, causing precipitation to change to a mix or a rain event as well.

Multiple weather forecasting models have disagreed on the small storm and the temperatures on Long Island during the storm, which could change the forecast. If the center low pressure of the storm trails closer to the island, most of the precipitation will be rain, but tracking a bit further south from us turns the precipitation to a snow event.

All told, the storm could bring Long Island its first White Christmas – defined as having at least one inch of snow on the ground – in many years.

The National Weather Service has not issued any warnings or advisories for Long Island. Many Winter Weather Advisories have been issued for areas just north of us.

We'll keep an eye on the December 24th/25th storm as it approaches – if anything changes, we'll let you know!


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