How Do You Feel About The Outcome of Tuesday's Election?

Incumbents win Smitthown Town Council seats, incumbent and newcomer take Huntington Town Board spots.

After a long season of campaigning, Election day is over.

Republican incumbents Edward Wehrheim and Robert Creighton have seats. Democrat incumbent Susan Berland and Independent newcomer Gene Cook on the Huntington Town Board.

out Republican Angie Carpenter for the Suffolk County Executive spot.

How do you feel about the outcome of Tuesday's election? Did you vote? Were any of the races an upset in your opinion?

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chefcristo November 12, 2011 at 03:44 AM
the school board and the town board both do as they see fit, e.g., check out the salary of commack's superintendent; i stopped griping a long time ago, and if i attended school or town board meetings, i'd be griping to no avail. complacency and indifference you call it? it seems more like reality to me. i have might big doubts that we'll ever see governments as in 1930's germany again, at least not in these united states.
Jeannette/WaterWolf November 12, 2011 at 09:52 PM
This is one of the rare occasions when I reply on this venue. The great thing about The Patch is that it reports nothing of consequence and allows people to assume that they, too, are superb pundits -- even those with poor interpersonal communication and grammar skills. You have reiterated your original argument. We got it the first time. I grew up here 53 years ago. Things have changed a lot. There are two groups who lately appear in Commack. There are the cheerleaders who often frequent school board meetings and support anything the public relations department purports to be true. For those who may have had their own educational issues, this place seems like Nirvana. Then there are the angry resignationists who complain about taxation and salaries, but do not commit to any group which seeks to change that. One can make excuses all one wants for not getting involved. You do not seem to want to fight--you have simply settled for things as they are. Ironically, as with some of my neighbors, when you want someone to call LIPA or a government’s agency, people like me are the ones to whom you go. That is a convenient way out of fighting as a group and going to a meeting to address those whose salaries we pay. Perhaps you and others can move to other locations. I do not give up that easily. Ultimately, and most sadly, you have proved my argument. I invite you to the Bristal on Thursday, November 17 at 6 PM.
chefcristo November 12, 2011 at 10:57 PM
hmm, look at the intersection where jericho meets rts. 347/454. did i see a recently-erected statue of a hero/heroine there...one who calls LIPA or government agencies for the good of commack residents? but, then again, maybe i need to have my vision checked.
Jeannette/WaterWolf November 13, 2011 at 01:09 AM
You really did not read anything I wrote. I guess it is easier to throw stones than join in an undertaking. I am sorry that you are so judgmental of people who at least try to help others. All opinions are based on one's experiences. Yours must have made you a very bitter individual. Blessings on your house. I can only hope the New Year brings you more joy.
chefcristo November 16, 2011 at 02:40 PM
hey, jeanette i don't throw stones, i'm certainly not judgemental and bitterness is not part of my personality although you may have read it that way. however, it seems that you allow yourself to maintain your opinions, but do not offer that option to others. if i choose not to "join an undertaking" your'e critical of that choice. it seems that your stance is heroic (hence my tongue-in-cheek statue comment) and mine is not worth even acknowledging. well, dear person, there was no hurtful intent in my comment; unfortunately you chose to see it that way. many blessings and good tidings on your house as well, and that comes from a non judgmental, and bitterless person who may jibe you a bit, but all in good humor. hope you'll eventually see it that way.


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