Letter to the Editor: Vanderbilt Parkway Intersection Needs Red Light Camera

Reader also pushes for a traffic light between Bonwit and Waldbaums shopping centers.

Dear Ms. Piccoli,   

Being a Commack resident, I receive your Commack Patch on a daily basis and periodically comment on some of your articles.

This time, I'm contacting you to make a suggestion, hoping it will get to the source that can make it happen. Of all intersections that already have a Red Light Camera, there is still one that doesn't have one, that has accidents on a daily basis. Cars are speeding south on Commack Road (going well over 50 mph) trying to beat out the light on Vanderbilt Motor Parkway, by the Bonwit Restaurant. (This is the same location where Police Officer Glen Ciano was killed). In addition, cars traveling north on Commack Road, seem to be ignoring the No Turn On Red signs and make an illegal right turn onto Vanderbilt Motor Parkway, opposite the Bonwit Restaurant.  

Secondly, it's time to get a traffic light placed so that cars can safely cross over Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy, crossing from the Waldbaums Shopping Center exit to the Chase Bank exit in the Bonwit Shopping Center. Cars traveling east and west, passing these exits, are moving well in excess of 50 mph. I've brought this to the attention of the office of Congressman Steve Israel, but have not heard anything, thus far. Let's see if we can get some action on both of these issues.  


Herb Rosenblatt

ooooo January 27, 2012 at 05:50 AM
Red light cameras do more harm than good...
DFUSCO January 27, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Follow up : I have also been stuck several times in a long line of cars looking to make a right on red @ Commack Rd and Townline with the lead car not making the turn for fear of getting ticketed for making the legal turn on red. More traffic issues as a result of these cameras. Also, these things are wonderful at night flashing away like crazy - seems they flash once when a car comes to a stop at the line and would flash again if the car should run the light.- a lot of unnecessary and annoying " light pollution"
Marc Lasker January 29, 2012 at 03:23 AM
I see both sides to the red light camera issue and from personal experience have only seen 2 and both have been valid; one on queens blvd and one at Townline and Jericho. That said... Forget a red light camera at this intersection. The lights and street sensors do not work properly and have not in years. I am at this intersection every morning before 6:00 am heading west and need to get to the eastbound parkway entrance. The only "trick" to getting the light to change is to be in the right lane, signal and merge left when the light actually turns green. I suppose I am guilty of not reporting this issue and just dealing with it and wonder if other comments will support my experience. Most folks sit patiently through 1 or 2 changes and then proceed thru with caution. This would yield tickets that caused by the defective intersection lights and that is a big problem.
DFUSCO January 30, 2012 at 06:04 PM
Marc - if you live in Commack you have the honor of 3 Intersection (that I know of) with these wonderful gizmos. Townline/Commack Rd and Jericho.Tpke, Jericho tpke and Larkfield Rd and Commack Rd at the LIE,
Paul L. September 13, 2012 at 07:10 PM
I am seeing a number of traffic signals being replaced within the last few months and they all have multiple cameras mounted directly on top of the traffic signal facing the approaching lanes of traffic. They are not red light cameras like the ones that are mounted on a pole on the side of the road. Does anyone know what they are?


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