Op/Ed: What's Taking the LIRR So Long?

Bruce King, the president of the Hampton Bays Civic Association, asks why the Hampton Bays bridge reconstruction isn't done yet.

Editor's Note: The following was written by Bruce King, the president of the Hampton Bays Civic Association, in response to an article published on the LIRR bridge reconstruction project that was published on Patch on Monday.

I am wondering why the LIRR hasn't finished a job to reconstruct the Hampton Bays bridges in a timely manner.

The two concrete railroad overpasses were raised with the corresponding raising of the approaches (E&W) to accommodate. Then, only an occasional worker or two could be seen on either bridge. True, a work crew was sandblasting and painting the canal bridge, but these were different workers. I also noticed outside contractors (non-LIRR) workers at both sites. Why can’t the LIRR put some pressure on the contractor to complete the job started prior to moving on to the next job?

The North Road is blocked off under the over pass, again, thus limiting travel for all who live on one side and wish to do something on the other. When it is open, it is a travel safety concern due to the confined passage. The Montauk Highway pass-through is similarly restricted although not as dangerous as it is of a newer design (1927 as opposed to 1907).

I once worked for a woman who was superintendent of a school district in western Suffolk. When the main project contractor told her the school construction would not be completed by start of school in September, she put so much pressure on him that it was completed on time (no extra cost was incurred). The LIRR could take some lessons from that superintendent.

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Candide08 January 20, 2013 at 04:24 PM
The time it takes the LIRR to complete projects is just incredible. I watched the LIRR replace a roof on a station, with simple,long sections. It took a crew of three guys THREE WEEKS, with a crane to lift shingles. My roof was done at the same time, more valleys and peaks, one guy THREE DAYS. This is why monthly tickets cost hundreds of dollars a month.
Thomas Montalbine February 07, 2013 at 12:14 PM
I would like to put a word in for the contractors on this extremely complicated project. In order for them to replace the North Highway bridge they need to be able to shut down the train tracks. This effectively cuts off the east end train service. The MTA only allows certain 48 hour windows when this can be done due to the inconvenience it places on the entire population and businesses further east. Regardless of the annoyance to the comparatively few people using the north highway for the short term, the construction is being done to make travel safer and more reliable. We should commend the MTA and the contractors for building infrastructure that will last more than 40 years and for providing jobs to local workers. I am annoyed that the President of the Hampton Bays civic association does not see the long term view that this will be good for the economy in the long term and that all of those construction contractors are spending money right now in his community to their benefit in the short term. I hope they do more infrastructure projects in the future. go ahead! Tear up more roads, hire more workers, fix our roads and spend more money in the Hampton Bays! Hey isn't that what the civic association should be working towards? Tom Montalbine, President Roman Stone Construction Company


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