Question Of The Day: Long Island Rail Road

Would additional trains on the Port Washington branch prompt you to travel more frequently to the city by train?

Service cuts on the branch may be restored.

That would be good news for riders who back in 2010 found that the number of off-peak trains to and from New York’s Penn Station was reduced from every half hour to every hour.

But Newsday reports that MTA officials may schedule more trains on the Port Washington branch “after a 2011 ridership drop of more than 411,000 on that line – a dramatic decline linked to the reduction of off-peak trains.” The MTA would also look for ways to increase revenue, according to Newsday.

No word yet if or when a decision will be made about service restoration.

How have the service cuts affected you? Do you travel to the city less? Do you opt to drive in or carpool instead? 

marilyn gilbert April 05, 2012 at 06:06 PM
I really miss the 9:40 AM as the first off-peak train. It arrives at Penn in time to have a full morning activity before lunch, and make the most of a day in the city.
Susan Bishop Copeland April 06, 2012 at 04:52 PM
The schedule as is has cost me a lot of additional money. I go in at various times daily, so I pay $150 to park my car (never a spot in the lots anywhere after 8:00) plus pay the cost of my monthly. Many times I take the 9:11 to be sure to be on time for an 11:00-2:00 meeting, then must wait till 2:49 to get home at 3:37. My 3 hour meeting has taken 6.5 hours because of the hourly schedule! The LIRR is supposed to encourage taking mass transit for Citi Field, but the schedule there is terrible. You must arrive very early or late and leave the field early or late because of the hourly trains. So, "NassauTaxpayer", because there are no other options, and we try to use mass transit, and we pay big bucks to park our cars, purchase our tickets AND pay a large NYC commuter tax to boot, remind me again about the "give-away" that I should be thankful for!!!
Nassau Taxpayer April 06, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Consider working locally and saving "big time", or consider the heavily subsidized LIRR your cost of grabbing for "the big bucks" in "the big city". If the LIRR was such a poor bargain, you'd be taking the "NICE bus", or driving and parking in Manhattan, right? All that said, the present hourly off-peak schedules are a utiity and demand destroyer, as you appear to agree.
bppw April 07, 2012 at 03:24 PM
While I live and work in Port, I use the train frequently finding it the least costly trip into Manhattan although not always convenient. A shuttle bus to the office park/Soundview/Stop and Shop areas save $20 in roundtrip taxi fare to the train station (more than the roundtrip train fare) The forced share taxi rides are annoying. Almost every trip has someone working in the nursing homes taking the train here to work. The shuttle bus would help recruit more workforce from NYC to work here which helps the local restaurants and businesses.
bppw April 07, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Nassau Taxpayer, "your cost of grabbing for the "the big bucks" in "the big city". How about no bucks in the county, because there are few jobs. In my field, the "big city" jobs do not pay more than the few that are here in the county. It's all a myth. I live and work here; but would only have less take-home with a "big city" job.


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