Question: Should Businesses Step Up Security?

There's been a string of armed robberies in Commack in the past fews months.

In the past week, a and were robbed at gunpoint.

These mark just the latest incidents in a string of robberies in Commack since the beginning of the year. Since January, six businesses, including and have reported robberies. There was also an at a jewelry counter in in June.

In light of the recent robberies, do you think businesses should take extra security precautions?

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George W September 16, 2011 at 01:05 PM
If you want to go way back to around 1960 - there was a movie theater diagonally across from the current Macy's, where the Chinese restaurant and other stores are now. I was in the Boy Scouts, and we used to camp out at Hoyt Farm on New Highway. (We were from "the city", as in Queens). Across the street from Hoyt Fram was all woods, and we watched the homes being built. On Sunday, we would go to church at the movie theater.
Greg Martinez September 18, 2011 at 03:42 AM
Security is good, sure. But let me be my usually blunt self. Criminals tend to gravitate to where they have the least resistance. We need too make it easier for the honest citizen and business man to be armed (hand-guns, stun-guns, strong pepper spray etc). We make it pretty darn easy for just about anyone to use probably the most dangerous weapon around, the automobile, and yet we have unnecessary hurdles to get carry-permits. Just look at New York City right next door, which makes it virtually impossible to get a carry-permit. Not too mention that Auntie Bloomberg is much more concerned with tobacco, salt, and fatty foods than NYC's increasing violence. But that is NYC, while not as onerous as NYC, I support less requirements for gun carry permits in Suffolk. If thugs, gang members, druggies, and robbers, thought that at any given store or home there is a good chance of armed citizens being present they will be more leery of spreading their violent mayhem. How many die every year in tragic auto accidents, yet we still drive. If a few violent thugs get injured or killed every year by honest citizens that will help keep crime down.
Larry H. September 18, 2011 at 06:10 AM
As much as I'd like to agree with Gregory, like everything else in this world, there needs to be limitations. First of all, business owners are not at their stores or shops 24/7. You don't want to put a gun in the hands of a teenager or slightly older that's working the graveyard shift, which is when most of these crimes (with the exception of bank robberies) take place. Secondly, for those storeowners that are granted a carry permit, it should be mandatory that they must be certified in a training course which has to be registered with the police department. It took me almost 6 months to get my pistol permit. The process is grueling but I am in favor of it. The sae background checks must be made for business owners. Just because you own a business doesn't mean that you didn't have a checkered past! A felony conviction or a documented historybof mental illness should be a mandatory NO! The last thing you need is it to be like the Wild West. All that happens there is you end up with a lot of dead people. There should be more police coverage in this areas that are easy targets. Hire off duty cops for security. Banks should have armed guards like in the old days. The visible deterrent is the most effective one.
Greg Martinez September 18, 2011 at 02:56 PM
Putting a frail teenager to cover the graveyard shift in a 7-Eleven (presumably you mean minor) is most unwise and I think illegal. The business owner should be putting someone there who can take care of themself as well as being a legal adult. Deterrence is the point. Owners of a business, like a 7-Eleven, should check the background of their employees, and it is most unwise to put some lone person on the graveyard shift with serious felonies in their background in the first place. I never said there should be no limitations on gun carry permits, there should be fewer limitations than currently exist. Regarding "a lot of dead people," if they are dead criminals, that doesn't bother me a bit.
Larry H. September 18, 2011 at 03:49 PM
Teenagers can be 18 or 19. Those are not minors. Therefore not illegal to work those shifts. Sure, I agree about the bad guys... Kill them all and let god sort them out! But it also puts the victim in the position to be shot! Anyone committing an armed robbery already has his hand on his gun and ready to show or use it. It takes time for the store owner or worker to brandish theirs. Nothing sucks more than being shot with your own gun! I don't know if you have been in a fire fight, whether in the military or the private sector, but it's not like in the movies. You don't have the time to stand up and take aim. Bullets are wildly flying around. More times than not your target is being missed. it gives a great opportunity for innocent people to get killed. that's all I'm saying. The permit process in NY is one of the toughest in the country. It is designed for the applicant to be denied. But as tough as it is, I'd prefer that process than most other states where all you have to do is provide a license or even worse a utility bill showing proof of residency.


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