Reader Feedback: Elementary Redistricting Plans, LIRR Booze Ban

Patch asked readers what they thought of the new elementary school boundaries and the drinking ban on the LIRR. See what your neighbors had to say.

New Elementary School Boundaries

On Tuesday Patch asked residents and parents . Parents had differing opinions regarding the boundaries and the in general.

"I just want to understand how things were done. I do believe that this is a burden to be shared by the entire community, not just rest firmly on the shoulders of the children of the schools that are closing," said user W.I. Mom. "I am NOT saying that children can't adapt to these changes or maintain friendships. I just wish it seemed that after waiting to hear answers for months, I could feel that the redistricting was done as fairly as possible for all of our children."

Ms. Will, who experienced school closigns as a West Islip student, told parents thier kids will be okay depsite the shift in schools.

"It is hard to accept change," she wrote. "But, as a lifelong resident of West Islip, they shifted us from school to school as the district grew. I attended three different elementary schools by 4th grade. Went to the high school in split session before Beach Street MS (then Jr Hi) was opened. All of us did fine and survived the changes. Then, we all met up again in the High School."

LIRR Drinking Ban

On Wednesday, Patch asked readers to share their thoughts on the pilot program that will ban alcohol consumption on late-night LIRR trains over the weekend.

Reader Tom Gillen said the ban likely won't make much difference, given that many passengers are already inebriated by the time the get on the train.

"Look at it this way - the people on these trains have been out partying all night and are already tuned up," he said. "So they can't have a beer on the train ride home....big deal....they are still drunk when they get on that train home and will still act as such. I don't see this making a difference." Forty-six percent of voters agreed.

Fourteen percent of voters didn't think the new rules would be enforced.

"Conductors are already reluctant to enforce quality of life issues, and I can't blame them for not wanting to have incidents posted in their files," Jane Lynn Davidson wrote. "As a daily commuter, I see gross behavior such as shoes on the seats, on the backs of seats, and people taking up more than a seat with their luggage. The conductors make announcements about such behavior, but it is never directed at riders face-to-face."

Yet, twenty-six percent of voters stood behind the ban, and believe it will be effective if enforced.

What do you think? Do you agree with what the residents of West Islip had to say on these issues? Comment below with your thoughts.

Candide08 May 06, 2012 at 06:09 PM
So they are already drunk when getting on a train - does that mean that they should be allowed to CONTINUE drinking, to become more drunk??


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