Nagle Lane House Fire Thwarted

Off-duty fire fighter spots smoke, alerts homeowners and fire department.

The homeowners of 6 Nagle Lane caught a lucky break when a Commack Fire Department member on his way home from work spotted smoke coming from their roof and alerted the fire department.

A small fire sparked near the solar panels on an unoccupied portion of the home that was under construction around 3:35 p.m. Monday, according to Commack Fire Marshal Joe Digiose. There was some damage to the roof, but the fire didn't get inside the house and no one was hurt. The also responded.

Last week, members of the Commack and East Northport Fire Departments braved below-freezing temperatures to that tore through a Chatham Road home. No injuries were reported.

Amy Seifert Roberto January 10, 2012 at 03:50 AM
Thank you to all those who helped thwart my brother's family home from severe fire damage.  A huge thank you in particular goes out to the eagle eyed fireman who saw the smoke; please know that you saved a lot of heartache to the homeowners, their kids and their family back in St. Paul, MN.  We can't thank you enough - with so much appreciation; we will all sleep well tonight.
Firefighter's Wife January 11, 2012 at 05:49 AM
As the wife of that "eagle-eyed" firefighter, I thank YOU, Amy - for showing respect and gratitude to a far too under-respected segment of the population...VOLUNTEER firefighters. I'm married to this man and am the daughter, sister, and friend of countless volunteer firefighters and am amazed each day of my life how they can run into the burning building while everyone else is running out! After 9/11, everyone fell in love with FDNY, known as New York's Bravest, and indeed they are! New York City is a dangerous place to fight fires. If you ask me, though, the epitome of bravery is the VOLUNTEER firefighter who is a hero for "pride, not a paycheck". Whether in the middle of dinner, or the middle of the night, my son and daughter and I kiss Daddy goodbye before every call, saying, "Be careful, I love you!" with a smile on our face full of admiration for his calling, and a prayer on our lips for his protection. We add to those now a whisper of thanks to you for respecting and highlighting the truly "bravest" among us!


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