Norwood Police Participate in 'Safety Blitz' on the Railroad Tracks

The Norwood Police Department partnered with the MBTA Transit Police to increase enforcement of trespassing laws on local railways and prevent fatalities on the tracks.

This past weekend the Norwood Police Department participated in the Franklin Line Safety Blitz with the MBTA Transit Police to increase enforcement of trespassing laws on local railways. 

"The aim was to increase awareness of the dangers of trespassing on the railways," a statement from the Norwood Police Department read. "Our youth are at particular risk. In the last year alone, three trespassers have been struck and killed by trains in Norwood. Many people struck by trains are suicides, but some are struck by accident."

The most recent train-related fatality in Norwood occurred at the end of August, when a trespasser on the tracks was struck and killed by a commuter rail train between the Islington and Norwood Depot stations.

Under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 160 Section 218, trespassing on railroad property is an arrestable offense, however the Norwood Police Department made the decision to merely summons people found on the tracks. 

During last weekend's blitz, complaints were filed against eight violators, three adults and five juveniles. Additionally, a ninth person, a juvenile, was arrested for trespassing and cited civilly for Marijuana possession. 

Norwood Police said that during this operation they learned the following valuable information from the Transit Police:

  • People who end up on railroad property for some reason should stay at least four feet from the rail. Never walk within the gauge (between the rails).
  • Trains can move in either direction on either track. In other words, do not rely on inbound trains moving only on inbound tracks.
  • Some trains, particularly inbound trains, are very quiet. The locomotive on inbound trains is in the rear of the train and cannot be heard until it’s too late.
  • An optical illusion makes trains appear to be farther away and slower-moving than they actually are.
  • Do not rely on the schedule for train movements. There are off-schedule movements of equipment as well as freight traffic.
  • Do not walk near railroad switches. Many switches are power activated from remote locations.
  • Do not expect a train to stop for you. It can take up to one mile for the train to stop.

The Norwood Police Department asks families to talk to their children about the danger of walking along railroad tracks.

dennis mawn October 17, 2012 at 10:47 PM
Hey BP, why don't you do us all a favor and step in front of a train!!!
BP October 19, 2012 at 06:14 AM
19. Why railroads are allowed to get off with the train black box , signal black box (if crossing signals are present), and cab video at crossing/pedestrian collisions? 20. Why the fact is hidden that trains kill a few thousand people in 100 million train miles when regular drivers have like ONE death? 21.Why Amtrak passengers aren't required to look at the despicable shape of the crossings before they board the trains? 22.Why train horns aren't blown at private crossings till the last second freezing drivers? 23.Why the railroads track lights can't be at a crossing? 24.Why railroads need track lights and civilians don't? WAITING FOR OLI/OLI.CA response.
BP October 19, 2012 at 06:14 AM
13. Why the crossings aren't lit up so drivers can see the black rail cars across the tracks at night? 14. Why railroads remove and steal signals we paid for on closed re-worked crossings? 15. Why $$$millions$$$ of the rail safety budget we pay in is wasted on needless reworks at crossings preventing signals where needed? 16. Why the railroad isn't required to de-ice crossings before they roll the trains? 17. Why the railroad isn't required to raise their overpasses so big trucks can get under them? The railroad wants to double stack and our road overpasses are too low---no problem WE PAY MILLIONS. 18. Why drug/alcohol tests aren't done on rail crews at crossing/pedestrian collisions?
BP October 19, 2012 at 06:15 AM
7. Why the crossing surfaces aren't wider where if a vehicle fish tails on slick road and is trapped at the edge of the crossing surface trap? 8. Why the train cabs aren't required to be lit up like a Christmas tree with emergency vehicle light bars? LOOK AND SEE! 9. Why the front of trains aren't required to have air bags or something to soften impacts? 10. Why trains don't have better braking systems? OLIs message now shows train brakes obviously suck. 11. Why there are no bidding invitations on the obviously overcharged crossing projects the tax-payers pay the railroads for. $10,000 just to get the equipment to the sight. TRUCKED IN. 12. Why trains are allowed to run in the fog?
BP October 19, 2012 at 06:15 AM
Things a REAL railroad Operation Lifesaver (OL) group would ask! 1. Why are all OL directors handpuppets of the railroad or government only giving lip service safety messages? 2. Why nothing is ever mentioned by OL that would cost the railroads a penny on the obviously missing safety equipment and track maintenance work? 3. Where are the crossing safety signals for the trains going too fast with no brakes or steering at 1,000s of crossings? 4. Where are the track video monitors for the trains going too fast with no brakes or steering to get the train stopped IN TIME? 5. Why aren't railroads paying at least half for crossing signals because it's their trains going too fast with no brakes or steering while paying the so-called RR directors millions a year. 6. Why the crossing humps trapping big trucks aren't required to be removed?


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