Police Confirm 6 Commack Burglaries in 2 Weeks

Residents have growing concerns over multiple reports of burglaries throughout Commack.

Suffolk County police have confirmed that six Commack homes have been burglarized since New Year's Eve. 

The slew of home invasions has many area residents speaking out about what they are calling a rash of recent burglaries in the area. Three of the reported burglaries occurred on Jan. 6, and two more on Jan. 10, according to police.

, a network that reports suspicious activity and crime in the Commack Hills and Birds sections of Hauppauge, sent out an email to more than 200 members Friday afternoon that included a quote from a member of the Community Oriented Police Enforcement of the Fourth Precinct addressing residents' concerns. 

"I have been getting emails and forwarded emails concerning burglaries in the Commack Area," the email read. "Since 01/01/12 to today 01/12/12 there has been 3 burglaries in Commack in the 4th precinct. In only one case was the homeowner at home at the time."

The one case refers to a burglary on Caramel Road the morning of Jan. 6 when an elderly female homeowner opened the door to a man posing as a contractor, police said.

According to an email circulating among Commack neighbors, written by a supposed relative of the victim, the intruder forcibly entered the home and knocked down the woman. The robber then demanded her jewelry. After a brief struggle, the intruder allegedly fled. However, the time and date of the incident referred to in the email conflicts with police reports.

The COPE officer also denied a widely circulated rumor that 6 homes on one block in Commack had been burglarized.

"A rumor has been circulating about '6 home invasions.' This is not true, repeat not true. The police officers and detectives have been investigating all incidents and several arrests have been made," read The Perfect Neighborhood Watch's email.

Police could not confirm how many arrests have been made.

Commack resident Michael Duffus, 47, was arrested Tuesday and charged with second-degree burglary after he allegedly broke into a Kings Park home on Nov. 19, police said. Police could not confirm if Duffus was responsible for any other burglaries.

The COPE officer encouraged residents to report suspicious activity to police.

"As always if you see something suspicious do not hesitate to call 911," they said.

The Suffolk County Police Department website offers tips on how to help to prevent a home burglary as well as what you should do if your home is burglarized.

Recent Burglaries in Commack

Date Street Nature of the Incident Dec. 31 Irene Lane Second degree burglary Jan. 06 Wheatfield Lane Second degree burglary Jan. 06 Caramel Rd. First degree burglary Jan. 06 Hedgerow Lane Second degree burglary Jan. 10 Oak Meadow Rd. Second degree burglary Jan. 10 Fulton Blvd. Second degree burglary

Barbara January 14, 2012 at 02:55 PM
I know that there was a burglary on Scholar Lane. How come that is not listed?
commack resident January 14, 2012 at 06:31 PM
There was also a burglary on Seminole Drive. I was very upset after reading all of the emails that were being circulated and contacted the 4th Precinct. After speaking to Detective Hernandez, he confirmed much of what is reported in this article. However, with my teenage daughter home from school so early, it gave me the chance to reinforce not opening the door to anyone she didn't know. So glad to see this in the Commack Patch. Especially glad to hear about the Neighborhood watch and will find out if I can subscribe to this.
Kaitlyn Piccoli January 14, 2012 at 10:19 PM
Barbara, We have only printed the burglaries that police could confirm. If you have specific information on the Scholar Lane burglary, please feel free to email me at kaitlyn.piccoli@patch.com or call me at 631-252-2361.
Ed January 17, 2012 at 12:33 PM
There have been several burglary done in Commack but they are not getting out to folks. On Seminole Drive and on Pawnee Drive I know that they reported to the 4th precinct they had been robbed. Cash ,credit cards and jewelry had bee stolen form both homes. The credit cards stolen had activity at Shell , game stop and one other location after they stole them.
doug olenick January 19, 2012 at 03:28 PM
There is a difference between a home invasion and a burglary and mixing the two here is incorrect. As the AP style guide states, a burglary is entering a building unlawfully with the intent of committing a crime. A home invasion is not a crime per se, but an act whereas someone forcefully enters a home or building with the intent of committing a crime against the occupants. The actualy crime committed during the home invasion is what the suspect would be charged with, robbery, murder, etc.


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