Shaving Cream Swastikas Found Outside Commack Homes

Suffolk County Police Department's Hate Crime Unit is investigating the Labor Day weekend incident.


Some Commack residents were surprised to discover swastikas made out of shaving cream painted outside their homes over Labor Day weekend. 

Suffolk County police reported that three different Commack homes had shaving cream swastikas left outside their home over the holiday weekend. 

On Sept. 1, a homeowner on Amherst Lane in Commack called police at approximately 11 p.m. after discovering someone had left a swastika painted in shaving cream on on the roadway in front of their home. At approximately the same time, a Glacier Drive resident also called police similarly reporting a swastika in shaving cream created in front of their home. 

Shortly afterwards, police received a third phone call from a Glacier Lane resident at approximately 1 p.m. Sept. 2 reporting that they had found a swastika in shaving cream on the side of their mailbox. 

Suffolk County Hate Crimes Unit is investigating the case. Anyone who may have witnessed something or has information is asked to call 631-852-6323. 

Police are still investigating , including Burr Winkle Park and Cedar Road Park, that included swastikas and anti-black graffiti on the handball courts in June. 

A. Lincoln September 12, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Now I totally do not agree with hate crimes, neo natzis, or anyone who isnt a human being. But it doesnt take the FBI to figure out this was a group of idiot 13 year olds. Get right on it detectives. Catch the rebirth of hitler before he takes over the world. Calling the cops over shaving cream? Here is a better idea take a cup of water and rinse it away. Got it? Good!


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