All Roads Closed in Huntington

Residents urged to stay off roads; no HART bus service.

Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone Saturday announced that all town roads are closed.

More than 2 feet of snow fell on Huntington, one of the heaviest hit communities in Friday's blizzard.

This is the text of the telephone message Petrone sent out via the Huntington Alert system:

Roads in the Town are treacherous. As we all dig out from last night's blizzard, it vital for your safety and the safety of others that you stay home today. Roads must remain clear so emergency vehicles can get through and unnecessary traffic will compromise their ability to do so. Keeping off the roads will also allow snow-clearing crews to do their jobs without interference.

All roads in the Town are officially closed.  HART bus is not operating today. All activities at Town facilities have been canceled.

If your power is out, you should call the LIPA hotline at 1-800-490-0075. If a tree is blocking a road, call the Highway Hotline at 499-0444. For Town-related emergencies, call the Public Safety Department at 271-2157 or 271-6573.

Town employees are working with outside contractors to clear roads and get us back to normal as quickly as possible. Crews will be clearing through tomorrow. But do not think that because your street is cleared, that means it is safe to venture out.  Even if your street has been cleared, that does not mean the next street over is passable.

Enjoy the day at home with your family. Be careful, be safe and be warm.


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