FEMA Grants Smithtown $1M in Recovery Funds for Irene

Town had paid out about $1.3 million, cleaning up over 1,800 tons of debris.

Following last summer's storm which left trees downed and power out across Smithtown, the Federal Emergency Management Agency approved a reimbursement for $1 million to the Town of Smithtown.

and left a trail of wreckage in her path - over 1,800 tons of debris in Smithtown alone - causing an estimated recovery cost of up to $1.6 billion across the state.

The reimbursement represents 75 percent of the cost of the clean-up projects in Smithtown.

In addition, Brookhaven Town was granted $4.3 million in FEMA funding for cleaning up over 16,000 tons of debris following Irene, and Suffolk County was approved for $1.7 million in funding.


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