Graf Says He'll Focus on Energy Costs, Jobs, Cost Of Living If Elected

Incumbent New York State Assemblyman for the 5th District runs down some of the key issues heading into election day.

The following is an overview of incumbent New York State Assemblyman Al Graf's positions and viewpoints on key issues facing the 5th District as we head closer to election day. The answers to this questionnaire were provided via email exchange.

Name: Alfred C. Graf
Hometown: Holbrook
Current Town: Holbrook
Family Members: Wife Mary, Son Charles, Daughters Jean Marie and Caitlin
Running For: Assembly 5th District
Political Party(or Parties): Republican, Conservative and Independence

What are the key issues for your constituents heading into this term?

Reducing the cost of living here on Long Island so that our children, neighbors, friends, family and seniors are not forced to move to other states. I am focused on getting Long Island the cheaper upstate Hydro power. Creating new jobs by making Long Island more competitive, fixing education,and giving the students the option of a career track as well as an education track, the option of a general diploma as well as a regents diploma.

How does your record prove you are equipped for the job?

I have been effective in my first term in office, I have focused the Governor on the need to cut the electricity costs here on Long Island. The cost of electricity is the driving factor that contributes to make Long Island unaffordable and is preventing the ability of buying a house, raising a family, starting or maintaining a business, or retiring here on Long Island. Sachem School's electric bill is $240,000.00 a month, Town of Islip's electric bill is $330,000.00 per month, Town of Brookhaven's electric bill is $451,000.00 per month and Suffolk County pays One Million seven hundred and seventy nine thousand dollars a month. This has a direct impact on on the property taxes we pay.

Further, since the last election, Albany has been moving forward addressing many of the concerns people care about. The dysfunction has been eliminated, we have produced two, on-time, balanced budgets with no tax increases. As a matter of fact we have reduced the states personal income taxes back to the rate they were in 1953, the MTA tax has been removed from over 800,000 small businesses here in New York. We have made great strides in our State but we still have a lot to do.

Principal message to leave voters right before they enter the booth?

I will continue to fight to make Long Island more affordable so that parents and grandparents are not forced to visit their children and grandchildren in different states throughout the country, or that seniors are not forced to sell the home that they raised their children in, because they can no longer afford to live there on their retirement income.

Editor's Note: A similar attempt was made to contact Assemblyman Graf's opponent in this election, Victor Salamone. As of print time, Patch has been unsuccessful in contacting him.


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