Hess Station Debate Continues Via Town Board's Live Feed

Though public hearing is closed, residents can watch the video on Town of Smithtown website.

Residents are still talking about the regarding the proposed Hess Express gas station and convenience store at the Smithtown Town Board's public hearing Thursday.

Thanks to the Smithtown Board's live video feed, those who could not make it in person had the opportunity to witness what went on at the meeting. Several commentors chimed in on Patch's coverage of the hearing, taking issue with Hess attorney Eugene DeNicola's comments toward speakers at the hearing.

"Just watched this board meeting on the town's website. You can't believe how the Hess attorney (DiNicola) [sic] went crazy at the end and insulted just about everyone in our town," Patch reader LG commented. "He personally attacked Rudy Massa (totally wrong wether you like Rudy or not) he attacked the poor Parish Priest that spoke against it and our state assemblyman Mike Fitzpatrick - it's pretty wild as you think someone with his years of experience would be able to keep his composure regardless of the circumstances and not get involved with nasty personal attacks."

Reader Commack109 added: "Did you see that final woman speak? I think she summed up everyones feeling very accurately... You're entitled to your opinion but please be somewhat evenhanded with your comments. Anyway you cut it the Hess attorney lost his composure and that alone is very unprofessional and that cannot be debated."

Though, not everyone saw it that way, as one reader expressed disdain for the public's attempts to cut off DeNicola from issuing a rebuttal.

"Well, I just watched the board meeting on its website, and I can't believe how some people in the audience behaved toward the attorney representing Hess," reader commented. "There were shouts of "monopolies!" and such from the audience. The meeting almost became an anti-Hess political rally. I thought the Board and the applicants for the Hess station behaved professionally. Likewise, most of the speakers where polite and gave their opinions. It was when the Hess attorney dared to ask for his right of rebuttable that some in the audience disrupted the meeting and were rude.

You can watch the entire Smithtown Board hearing here.

M. Bass February 29, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Aren't there enough accidents at the intersection of Indian Head & Jericho already? That's enough to deny Hess' request!!!!
SusanS February 29, 2012 at 06:36 PM
I think Mr. Martinez may want to watch the video again - Hess attorney should be fired for his antics!


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