NYSED: Glen Cove Schools Will Get $7M in State Aid

Projections released Friday say Glen Cove school district aid will increase six percent.

Glen Cove's school district will likely see more than $7,000,000 in state aid for the 2012-13 school year, an increase of almost half a million dollars from this year, according to the New York State Education Department.

NYSED estimated Friday that the district has $7,269,460 in state aid coming their way next year. Glen Cove's aid will increase by about six percent compared to last year's numbers.

"The numbers released today are the state aid 'runs,'" explained NYSED's Jonathan Burman. "[They are] the amount of money the legislature and Governor have agreed…to send to the individual school districts."

While Glen Cove is expecting more funds than last year, some schools in Nassau will see a decrease in their state aid. Mineola could lose over $27,000 in aid, a .62 percent drop compared to last year, Newsday reported. Levittown may take a more than $370,000 hit, shaving .83 percent off their 2011-12 aid. Syosset's numbers were above Nassau's average increase of 4.1 percent.

"These are the only numbers that will be coming from the state," said Burman. "...districts still have to propose and pass their local budgets."

For Glen Cove, state aid is an important piece of the financial puzzle in lieu of the district's budget decisions, although the board has already indicated it will not raise its tax levy significantly more than two percent.

A special April 16 school board meeting is set to handle further budget talks.

Jeanne April 13, 2012 at 12:33 PM
The fact that the entire country's property values have dropped and that there are boarded up homes in Glen Cove is an entirely separate issue from the current school tax issue. It remains true that by supporting good schools, we do help to keep our property values relatively higher. Certainly, we do ourselves no good by destroying our schools. Unfortunately, the existing political and financial conditions are the perfect storm to destroy public schools. Let's picture it for a moment: Public schools are underfunded so badly that people who can afford it either move, or go to private schools. Those who can't are left to suffer completely inadequate schooling. Drop out rates increase dramatically, crime too. Our yearly school taxes are really the best deal in taxes. At least you know the money goes to your local kids and community. I know it's harder to fight against the sales tax, the other portion of your property tax, the income taxes and easy to vote down the school budget, but please recognize it is done at the expense of your own town and community and the children of your family, friends and neighbors. A picture of an America where only the wealthy can educate their kids is dangerous to our democratic system. We must educate the public, all of them. It is not a matter of just paying for your own children.
lookyloo April 13, 2012 at 01:01 PM
Glen Cove School District is doing nothing for your property values. It is underperforming and has been for years, especially in English which newsday rated it extremely low. I think you're mistaken to believe that throwing more and more money at a serious problem is doing anything for the kids. We are just feeding the machine of overadminsiration, bloated administrative salaries, and unsustainable pension system. How much of our budget actually gets to the kids? Until we fix the problems we are just feeding the broken system and not increasing the value of the education provided to the kids.
John Cocchiola April 13, 2012 at 01:01 PM
After the productive, tax paying people leave, who will be left to pay the school taxes? Industry is leaving Long Island, one of the reasons is the high property taxes. When Grumman bugs out, or when LIPA moves, or Photocircuits goes out of business, it puts more of a burden on the people that stay, who will move because of the heavier burden. If we keep it up, Long Island will get exactly what it deserves, we're already getting it. We have cities and municipalities all over the country going bankrupt because they took tax payers for grated, and they killed the golden goose. Keep it up and see what happens. Furthermore, I speak with quite a lot of kids graduating from our schools, I employ them, a lot are in college now. A good percentage of them can't write, can barely read or solve the most simple math problems without a calculator. I asked a group of Glen Cove High graduates (3, all attending college) what significant event happened at Pearl Harbor in 1941, not one could tell me. Not one. They knew something happened, but they couldn't say who attacked us let alone why or what it all started. They couldn't even come close. Thirty years ago, not only wouldn't they have been in college, they wouldn't have graduated High School. They're not stupid kids, they're kids that never learned anything. I'm not blaming the teachers, I'm blaming the Bureaucracy, and I've spoken to quite a few teachers who completely agree with me, off the record of course.
lookyloo April 13, 2012 at 01:05 PM
Glen Cove isn't under funded! For the cost per head of each child in Glen Cove schools, we could send them all to a quality private school. The budget is larger than that of many countires!!! Stop with the underfunded nonsense! What we need is reform and accountability. The waste, greed, and unaccountability in the system is crazy.
Prof. Walter Jameson April 13, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Such a tired and worn out argument. Okay Jeanne, let's put the chips on the table. Let me ask you what you believe the schools should actually get and whether there should be any limits at all. So, for this argument, let's base it on a percentage of one's income, okay? What percentage of one's income should go to the public schools? 10%? ... 25%? ... 50%? ... More? C'mon, let's hear what you have to say.


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