'Residents' Beg TOBAY: Fix Treacherous LIRR Intersection [Poll]

Better traffic regulation near LIRR station is needed, according to Residents for a More Beautiful Syosset

representative formally asked Town of Oyster Bay officials at Tuesday's board meeting to continue improving . Calling the intersection just north of the a "free-for-all," Laura Schultz asked the town to ensure residents' safety by caring for the infrastructure.

"I'm asking you to speak with to arrange for the town to take over the northern part of Jackson Avenue," said Schultz to the board. "It's very dangerous, and it's unregulated."

It is because of the hazardous intersection of Jackson Avenue and Underhill Boulevard, extending north to Cold Spring Road, that Schultz asked the board not to forget about Syosset now that .

"North of the [Syosset LIRR] tracks is a free for all," said Schultz, whose personal experience of driving her child to the train for work allows her to witness the daily rush hour chaos.

"We're not abandoning ship," TOBAY Supervisor John Venditto told Schultz. "But you'll have to cut us some slack."

While the town was a supporter of the they reminded residents that they want to spend their funds wisely. While Venditto repeatedly praised the finished project, he warned that it may take some time to get the funds to repeat such an undertaking.

"We'll start by taking a look at it and getting in touch with the town," said Venditto, adding the town will do all they can, but maybe not right away.

How can the crossroads on the north side of the Syosset LIRR station be improved? What is the most important issue to tackle to improve safety in that zone? Is it as simple as a new paint job on the lanes or does it require an overhaul like southern Jackson Avenue?

Vote in the poll below and tell us in the comments!

Gabe May 07, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Easiest and quickest fix is NO LEFT TURN into the train station and Dunkin Donuts from the Southbound lane. All it takes is 1 car not to move into the intersection to let the other dozens of cars keep the flow of traffic. When you have 1 car that's waiting to make a left just after the train leaves, the traffic is backed up down cold spring road to CVS, and down to 711 on Berry Hill, and down Muttontown and it brings the whole town to a standstill. Even better, cut into Astoria's sidewalk, there's plenty of room to add another lane or 2, and keep the sidewalk. Nobody every parks in those spots along the street anyways, we need to keep traffic flowing through town, so add another lane for southbound traffic, convert the existing lane into straight/combo left turn lane, and add an additional parking lane since parking is always an issue for those stores. Another idea, demolish that unnecessarily large Astoria bank and build another row of shops like across the street. Finally move the entire train station down to Underhill Blvd next to ice works.
Gabe May 07, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Some of the big SUV drivers are using their heads, and keeping traffic flowing, why hold up the line of dozens of cars heading northbound, causing jams everywhere else because one or two cars are making a left into the train station. Granted that turning lane was done for safety of pedestrians, but I rarely see any crossing their to begin with, and there is no need to have a dedicated right turn lane which could have been simply both a combo straight and right turn. They obviously did a traffic study for that intersection, but didn't bother going north and seeing the mess that this so called "improvement" caused at the other intersections and areas of town.
Fish Hunter May 16, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Hey Gabe, I get hung up EVERY morning for work because of some schmuck who has to get their coffee in the morning.
Fish Hunter May 16, 2012 at 11:20 PM
totally agree with you Jack, it is ridiculous, i also think the timing for that light is funky.
Ed Lewis May 18, 2012 at 02:06 AM
Bite the bullet already and elevate the tracks and while you're at it, take the killer gap out of the worst gapped station in the system- Syosset. Or you can wait for someone else to fall through wind up in a wheel chair or die. This town, the parking, the low quality merchants makes for mediocrity. Sad, like many, we avoid driving thru our own town.


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