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Town to Test Free Valet Parking in Huntington Village

Looking to improve parking in Huntington Village, the Huntington Town Board approved a pilot program Tuesday to test free valet parking in one of the Town municipal lots.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Town Board green-lit the program and the signing of a contract with LAZ Parking New York/New Jersey to run the operation. The program will be tested in the lot south of Main Street between New and Green Streets.

It will be jointly funded by the Town, the Town of Huntington Economic Development Corp., the Huntington Village Business Improvement District and the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce. These entities are part of a consortium Supervisor Frank P. Petrone formed in 2013 to explore Village parking options.

“All of us in the consortium remain committed to identifying and implementing a variety of measures to improve the parking situation in the Village,” Petrone said, in a statement.

According to the Town, valet parking could increase the capacity of the lot, which currently has 215 spaces, by as much as 40 percent. Details of the program are being finalized, including the days and times valet parking would be available. Initially, only a portion of the lot will be set aside for valet parking, with the possibility of expanding the area if demand warrants.

“Given what the experts have said about the potential to increase capacity, valet parking is an option certainly worth testing,” Petrone said.

The pilot program is expected to begin in early summer.

The initiative is part of what the Town calls “a series of measures implemented in response to a study the consortium commissioned last year.”

In April, the Town activated multi-space parking pay stations on Main Street and New York Avenue; changed the hours for which metered parking is active, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday-Saturday); designated a primary and secondary metered parking zone, with different per-hour parking rates ($1 an hour for the primary zone, 50 cents an hour for the secondary zone); and increased to three hours in the maximum a vehicle can remain parked at a spot.

The Town also has prepared a brochure, available at participating merchants in the Village and on the Town’s website. The brochure includes a summary of the changes, directions on using the multi-space meters and a map of municipal parking lots in the Village.
CAPICU May 13, 2014 at 02:45 PM
The meter maids do like the parking meters. You may not recognize them now cause they are wearing a different uniform... BK13 ..I'm with you on that..... People cry when they see wallet drying up but complain when something is being done to change it up.
BK13 May 13, 2014 at 02:58 PM
LOL yes meter maid and of course town officials who collect the revenue. I guess I want, just for once, people to engage in a real conversation and not just badmouth EVERYTHING no matter what. According to these posters: Action is BAD! Inaction is BAD! So, what's the answer? Even by mistake some of the things the town pols try will work, right? At work and in my home I strongly encourage people to speak their mind. But if you don't like something, then you better have a solution in mind or at least be willing to enter into open minded conversation about it. But what do I know? I've lived here since 1969 when my dad, a Grummanite, moved us lil kiddies here from Westchester so this is pretty much all I know except for my 4 years away at college. I worked in the village. I frequent the village. I live very close to the village. I've always loved the village. I know it's not perfect but I think it's a heck of a lot better than it used to be. BTW anyone that trashes the Paramount is someone who decided that no matter what they were going to hate it because it's turned out to be, by both parties, a huge success.
CAPICU May 13, 2014 at 11:26 PM
Things never stay the same. The village has always been about the drinking and the eating and between that.... some trendy stores. Eventually trending in and trending out just like the people who live there. Once young now old ...what they used to like no one now likes no more...But the eating and the drinking is still there.... That's the way it is.


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