What Would You Ask Town Hall?

While Patch reports on Town of Smithtown news, we'd like to know what you'd like to ask of the local government officials.

Here at Patch we like to cover all facets of the town, from school news to new or closing businesses, the accolades of prominent figures and more, but one specific area that we take pride in covering is news coming from Town Hall.

Scroll through the site and you'll see numerous stories revolving around the Town of Smithtown – some impacting specific towns within the township, others affecting all locals. We even provide breakdowns of agendas from the town's numerous meetings, from town board to the planning board and the board of zoning appeals. 

Although we ask town officials questions at these meetings and outside of town hall, it's not always feasible for locals to make meetings and address these officials themselves.

We'd like to know what you would ask your local elected political figures. Please feel free to start the discussion in the comments section.

Brian Whitehurst June 11, 2012 at 02:37 PM
The fee wouldn't be anywhere close to paying for a public park. If it is such a profitable opportunity, I would not assume to steal your great idea. Please start a private skate park and we'll bring our kids and make you a nice living.
John F June 12, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Traffic is only part of the issue, and that has gotten better since the new one lane improvements. It was a death zone before they reduced the traffice to one westbound lane. I can easily walk to downtown with my kids, but never did beacuse of fear of getting killed. Hopefully now that it is easier for walkers to move around there, we can work on getting better businesses and family oriented attractions.
Nesconset Dude June 12, 2012 at 07:55 PM
I dunno, maybe it's also the fact that Main Street is so rundown in Smithtown that businesses have no interest in opening shop there? Maybe? There is almost nothing appealing whatsoever in Smithtown, aside from a couple of decent restaurants. I can tell you, though, for the last couple of years I know we'd be at a window seat in a restaurant with guests and we'd all be commenting how poor Smithtown looks. It's time for a dramatic change. If they can do it in, uh, Wyandanch then why not here? Pretty sad.
Gigi June 13, 2012 at 12:08 PM
I'd like to ask Town Hall why they would screw the residents of Fort Salonga, Kings Park, Commack, Northport, Smithtown and East Northport by allowing a power plant to be proposed on the Carlson property. Yes the proposal for a 400 megawatt power plant from Competitive Power Ventures, Inc. a merchant power plant company from Maryland exists. It's one of six currently at LIPA being considered. So far I've seen a bunch of articles where the town is denying such a project but that is an outright lie. Power plant companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to submit proposals of this nature.....they would not spend this money until they have found a site (in this case they've put a reserve on 14.39 acres of land on Carlson's property on Old Npt Road in March 2011) and are reasonably certain that the local gov't will welcome them (CPV has met with all the Town Board members - it says so in their informational brochure). Our area has already fought a successful battle running Pennsylvania Power & Light out of that area when they wanted to build a similar (and way smaller power plant). Does the Town not remember this? Is it fair to subject us all to this again?
Gigi June 13, 2012 at 12:08 PM
Does the Town not remember all of the environmental studies that were done at the time that showed how poor our air quality already is due to the emissions from the Huntington incinerator, the Npt Power Plant, the ashphalt and concrete businesses and sand mines and how all these emissions form a toxic cocktail for all of us to breathe? Did the Town forget that the Carlson property is part of the deep recharge area of a sole source aquifer that has been mapped and protected under Article 7 of the Suffolk County Dept. of Health and that it prohibits storage bulk quantities of hazardous chemicals (including thousands of gallons of jet fuel that a power plant would need as a back up supply) on-site? Our local government should be working on behalf of the safety of its residents. Ours apparently has forgotten this so therefore I think they all need to be voted out ASAP.


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