Burr Intermediate Students Perform 'We the People'

Commack teachers wrote and directed the play on America's journey to freedom for all.

The fifth grade class at Burr Intermediate School recently performed, "We the People," an original production on America's journey to freedom and equality, written and directed by the school's teachers.

Teachers Krista Brancato and Beth Tanzi wrote the nine-scene play, which was directed by Brancato and Deena Maynard.

The show opened with actors portraying the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Between scenes, the students sang inspirational patriotic songs, accompanied and conducted by music teachers Barbara Erath and Amy Dank. Actors and actresses conveyed the historic milestones in our fight for equality and freedom, and the joy of living the American dream.

All proceeds from the play's ticket sales were donated to the Special Olympics Spring Games North taking place on April 21.

*Information provided by Brenda Lentsch/Commack Schools.


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