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Carll Farm Sale Defeated

Commack residents vote 741-342 against mixed-use proposal for the historic property.

Residents of Commack shot down plans to sell the Marion Carll Farm to real estate developer by 741-342 margin Thursday night, putting an end to plans to create a mixed-use development on the historic site.

Holiday Organization's proposal included purchasing the 9.0 acre Farm for $750,000, renovating the farmhouse to sell it as a private residence and building 30 additional homes on the property. Holiday Organization is owned by Elliot Monter and owns The Hamlet Golf and Country Club as well as the gated community surrounding it. Monter and Holiday wanted to add the Carll farm to their property, which surrounds the farm on three sides. Additionally, residents would have been guaranteed four community days and students would have been granted access to the barn for district programs.

"The Board had a legal and moral obligation to present this credible proposal to the voters for consideration. It would have been remiss in not doing so. During the course of the Board's outreach to the community prior to the vote, various groups and individuals expressed their opposition to the Holiday contract and orally communicated alternative proposals and uses of the property.  We would ask all such individuals and delegations to submit any detailed propositions, including financial arrangements, in writing to the Board by July 31, 2010 so that the Board may consider its next move," Brenda Lentsch, district spokeswoman, said in a statement.

Residents, led by Commack Community Association President Bruce Ettenberg, visited both polling locations yesterday to enourage their neighbors to vote. District members voted at the Commack Middle School and High School from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday. There were 1,083 votes cast.



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